My Hometown

Two people discuss their hometowns.

Meg: Hey Todd, what is your hometown?

Todd: My hometown is San Francisco.

Meg: Oh, nice. Is your town beautiful?

Todd: Yes. San Francisco is very beautiful. It has a nice view of the ocean.

Meg: Sounds nice. Is your town clean?

Todd: It's pretty clean. Sometimes, it's dirty. Some places are dirty, but usually, the city is clean.

Meg: Oh. Is San Francisco dangerous?

Todd: No, it's not too dangerous. Sometimes, we have crime, but it's safe.

Meg: Great. Is your town expensive?

Todd: Yes. San Francisco is very expensive. Everything is expensive. Food is expensive. Housing is expensive. Shopping is expensive. Everything.

Meg: Oh, really? Is San Francisco famous?

Todd: Yes. It's very famous. In America, it's famous for its bridge. We have the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the world's most famous bridge, I think.

Meg: I know that bridge. Is your town hot?

Todd: Never. San Francisco is never hot. It's never super cold, but it's never hot. It's always warm or cool.

Meg: Sounds great. Is San Francisco interesting?

Todd: I think so. It's a very interesting city. We have people from everywhere, and we have good food. We have nature nearby, and we have interesting buildings.

Meg: Wow. I'd like to go there.

Todd: Ooh, you should. What about your city? What's your city?

Meg: My city is Chicago.

Todd: Ooh, Chicago. Chicago. Is your city beautiful?

Meg: Yes. It's very beautiful, with lots of tall buildings and a big lake.

Todd: Ooh, nice. Is Chicago clean?

Meg: Some parts of Chicago are clean, and other parts are a little dirty.

Todd: How about dangerous? Is Chicago dangerous?

Meg: Similarly, some parts are dangerous and some parts are safe.

Todd: Yeah. San Francisco is the same. I think every American city is the same.

Meg: I think that's true.

Todd: Most places are safe, but some places are dangerous.

Meg: Right.

Todd: Is Chicago expensive?

Meg: Yes. Because it's such a big city, almost everything is expensive.

Todd: Oh.

Meg: Food, attractions, parking, entertainment, everything.

Todd: Sounds like San Francisco.

Meg: I think so, a little similar.

Todd: Is it hot?

Meg: It can be hot in the summer. Usually July or August, it gets hot sometimes.

Todd: Is it interesting?

Meg: Yes, of course. Chicago is very interesting. We have many museums, and things to do, and we also have nature. At the lake, you can go and enjoy a day on the beach.

Todd: Oh, nice.

Meg: Yeah.

Todd: Is Chicago by the ocean?

Meg: It's not by the ocean. It's by a really big lake called Lake Michigan. What about San Francisco? Is it by the ocean?

Todd: Yeah, San Francisco is on the ocean. It's on the Pacific Ocean.

Meg: Right.

Todd: o we have really nice beaches.

Meg: Do you like the beach?

Todd: I do, but the beaches in San Francisco are a little cold.

Meg: Oh.

Todd: In Los Angeles, they're warm, but Los Angeles is not interesting, and it's expensive, and it's not beautiful, so I don't like Los Angeles.

Meg: So we should stick with San Francisco.

Todd: Or Chicago.

Meg: Yeah.

Todd: Okay.


Adjectives are words that describe things.

Point 1: Adjectives can go after a 'be' verbs.

I am tall.
She is nice.
My cat is cute.

Point 2: Adjectives can go before a noun.

I have a big house.
That is a nice bag.
He is a good teacher.

Point 3: You can put adjectives together.

Two adjectives

He is smart and funny.
She is kind and friendly.

Three adjectives

She is tall, strong, and fast.
The test was hard, long, and boring.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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