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News #10 Bones

News stories about a dinosaurs, energy, weather and more.

Good evening and welcome to the 10 o’clock news. On tonight’s news:

A collection of dinosaur bones has been discovered by the harbour. The discovery was made by a fisherman on Wednesday. Archaeologists are currently at the scene, trying to identify the remains and it is hoped that they will soon be on display in the town museum.

A woman has been arrested in the south east of the city after it was discovered she was keeping cannabis plants on her windowsill. The woman, who is in her late eighties, is currently on bail, but she is expected to be sentenced next week. She claims she uses cannabis for medicinal purposes.

A local school has won an award by school inspectors. Longvale school, which currently has 187 pupils on register, was said to be the most improved school in the country in recent inspections. The headteacher was said to be delighted, and was planning a celebratory picnic for the pupils.

The Prime Minister is due to visit the city on Thursday in the run up to the elections. He will visit local shopping centres before giving his final speech in the town square.

Residents are being asked to consider switching from mainstream electricity to a solar powered system. The scheme, which is being run by the environmental agency, could save the city up to a million pounds if residents agree to having solar panels on their roofs.

And now for tomorrow’s weather: the morning will be overcast and grey, with possible light showers. In the afternoon things should brighten up, which is good news for all of you energy conscious solar powered homes! Thanks for watching and we hope to see you again tomorrow.

Answer these questions about the interview.

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