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News #14 Trainwreck

News Stories about a crash, sleep, ice skating, orange juice, golf, and weather.

Good evening, and welcome to the ten o'clock news. On tonight's news:

A train crash in the North East has left three people critically injured. It is thought that the crash was due to the lights failing. Thankfully noone was killed. An investigation is underway.

Scientists have discovered that the optimal amount of sleep for humans is six hours. Research has shown that people who sleep for six hours every night are more alert and often more intelligent than those who sleep for shorter or longer periods.

An ice skating rink is to be erected in the park next week, ready for the beginning of the autumn festival. Admission to the rink will be free to those who have skates, and one pound to those who want to hire them.

A competition to win a holiday to the Bahamas has caused shops to run out of orange juice this week. The competition, run by 'Juicy O' has left thousands of people disappointed. Inside one of the cartons is a plane ticket.

The golf championships are due to take place on the major golf courses in the west of the city this week. The event, which will attract well-known golfing figures worldwide, is set to be a great success.

And now for the weather forecast. Tomorrow should be bright with light showers in the morning. In the afternoon things should brighten up and top temperature will be 15 degrees. That's all from us for tonight. Thank you for watching.

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