SixPix #23 | High Beginner - A2

Valentine's Day

Are you not sure what to do for Valentine's Day? Get ideas!

Alright guys now if you want to get a good Valentines present for your girlfriend, don't go and buy her a bunch of roses-- that's what everyone does. You need to be more creative, ok?

Now, if you are a musician you could write her some sort of a piano peice or some kind of music like that but that's a lot of work. I think for most people you take out some crayons, you make a nice little picture, write some romantic words and I guarantee she'll love it.

Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with flowers, there's not. Girls love flowers. But you definitely can't get her just one rose...unless you've got a little bit of extra money to spend...then you could put a little extra surprise inside of it.

Alright ladies, I'm gonna tell you the truth. You're not gonna like this but guys are greedy. They're dogs! Just one valentine's gift is not going to be enough for him. He's not gonna be satisfied. SO what I suggest you do, you call up one of your girlfriends and you ask her to come over because after you buy him a whole bunch of little tiny gifts, it's gonna take you a long time to wrap them and you're gonna need help.

There's a lot of ways to plan a romantic evening. I mean some people like to go out and wine and dine each other. Some people like to rent a hotel room and put roses in the bathwater and feed each other chocolates but actually I think the best times are when you just sit back and you're casual, you don't have to eat a fancy dinner and you just hang out and you're cool with each other.

Now this is a gift for a guy or a girl and if you don't like this then there's something wrong with you because everyone likes this. It may not be the healthiest thing in the world but it's gonna make you feel good.

Now if you're really serious about the relationship and maybe you're even gonna propose to her. Then you might be better off going with the classic approach and just take her to a fancy restaurant and have a nice candlelit dinner with flowers on the table and then you've set the mood to "pop the question".

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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