SixPix #32 | High Beginner - A2

Family Gifts

Todd is all done shopping for the holidays. What did he get everyone.

I don't know about you, but I hate shopping. I can't stand it, so this year I am so happy. I got all of my gifts takencare of. Everyone's got a gift. I'm stoked. The first gift I got my sister, is I got her a watch. She works out a lot and she was saying that she has a really nice gold watch and she can't wear the gold watch when she works out so I bought her this really cheap, black and yellow kind of plastic watch so she can wear it when she works out and she doesn't have to worry about damaging her nice gold watch.

So for my dad, well, my dad, basically he's very hard to get a gift for, so he prettty much wears the same thing every day. He wears a nice dress shirt to work and he kind of wears white t-shirts around the house. He doesn't like shirts with colors or logos or anything like that, so I just bought him a nice dress shirt. I think it's light blue and he can wear it to work and hopefully he likes it.

My uncle lives down the street and he loves building things. He's very mechanically inclined. He's always building stuff, and now he's building a deck in his backyard and the deck goes out to his garden. And I'm actually helping him build the deck and, well, he needs a new saw. The saw we've been using is dull. It doesn't saw very well, so I bought him a new saw and I will be able to finish the deck soon.

So for my uncle's daughter, my niece, I bought her something to keep her warm. She goes skiing all the time. She loves winter sports. She's always going up to the mountains, so because she likes to snowboard and ski, I bought her some gloves. They're really colorful. I was going to get her mittens, but I realize mittens make it hard to hold the ski poles, so I thought gloves would be better, so I bought her some gloves to take up to the mountians.

Also, my uncle has a son. He's my nephew and he also is really into sports. He is into skateboarding and snowboarding and surfboarding, so I really didn't know what to get him. I don't have that much money so I couldn't afford to buy him a snowboard or surfboard. It just costs too much, so my niece helped me pick out a skateboard. It wasn't too much money, but I hope he likes it. I do feel a little guilty though because the skateboard was a lot more than the gloves I bought my niece.

Lastly, for my aunt, you know, she is always cooking dinner for everybody and she's a wonderful cook but she just works, works, works, and I thought it would be nice if we bought her a gift certificate so she can go to a restaurant and eat food at a restaurant so. At first I was going to get her a gift certificate for Japanese food because I love sushi, but then I thought that maybe she doesn't like sushi so much, so I better get her a certificate for food that she likes so I decided to get her a gift certificate for Mexican food, so there's a nice Mexican restaurant down the street and she can go there and use the gift certificate and have a nice dinner for free.

Well, that's it. All my Christmas shopping's done. Whoohoo! Now, where's my gift.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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