SixPix #37 | High Beginner - A2

Fun for the Visitor

Hear many things you can do as a visitor. What's recommended?

I heard you were coming to the city so I got some ideas for you on how to spend the day.

First of all I recommend that you get an idea of what the city is like by taking. Now there are three tours. You can take a helicopter tour, a ferry tour or a limo tour. Basically I recommend the helicopter tour. It's pretty cheap and you get to see all of the city and it gives you a good idea where everything is. The ferry tour is pretty interesting, but it's kind of boring, you can't see much. Similarly if you take the limo tour, you can't see much because of the tall buildings and you might get stuck in traffic.

Maybe, you want to get your own car. Great idea. Now if you do get your own car, may I suggest a small convertible. Whatever you do, don"t get a big car. Don't get a gas guzzler like some SUV. Sure it's fun to go outside, out in nature, but in the city it's going to eat up a lot of gas. Also, don't get an old car. It's going to waste a lot of gas. Get something small and compact.

One great thing about the city is that there's beaches all the way around it. Lots of beaches so if you like the ocean, you're gonna have a lot of fun. But right now, I think the only thing you can do at the beach is lie out and get a suntan. I would recommend surfing but right now the waves are really small and you can go fishing but water is polluted. You don't want to eat that fish. It's not recommended.

Now if you do like nature and you want to get out of the city, there's a couple of other things you can do. One thing is you can go to a farm. There's lots of farms that give tours to tourists, but they kind of smell. I don't recommend it. You could go to the new wind powered farms and see how we generate energy, but also it's kind of boring and it's really noisy. If you want to relax, I suggest a vineyard. You go to a vineyard. It's really peaceful and quiet. It smells nice. Have some nice wine. It will be a good afternoon.

Now, maybe you want a little more adventure. I agree. I love adventure, so there's basically three things you can do: a hot air-balloon ride, or a mountain bike ride, or a river rafting ride. Personally, I think you should do the mountain bike ride. It's really beautiful. It doesn't take too long. You can turn back at any time. You can do the white-water rafting, but it takes forever. It's a littel dangerous. You might get wet. It can be cold. And the air-balloon, well, you know, I mean it takes forever also. It takes a long time. It could be expensive. Basically, I don't recommend it.

Oh, one other thing. If you like animals, there's a couple of other options. One option is you go to the park and you rent a dog and you walk the dog around the park. It's kind of fun but it's also a little boring, so, you know, I don't recommend that. You could go to the zoo, but come on, zoos! Nobody likes zoos anymore, so zoos are boring. What I suggest is that you go out to the stables. At the stables you can rent a horse and go horsback riding. It's a lot of fun.

Well, anyway, I hope you like those ideas. I hope there is something fun for you and I hope you enjoy your time in my city.

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