SixPix #42 | High Beginner - A2


Listen to six descriptions of various vehicles.

Vroom, vroom!

Let's talk about vehicles.

What vehicle is this? It has four wheels, and it goes really slow and usually you use it outside on a farm and it helps you grow food. What vehicle is it?

Now this vehicle doesn't have four wheels. It only has two wheels, but it has a motor and it goes really fast and sometimes people in gangs like to ride this vehicle. It's really fast, but it is a little dangerous. You need a helmut.

This next vehicle is not too exciting. It is usually used to deliver things. Sometimes you see people and they sell food from this vehicle or ice-cream from this vehicle, or maybe they deliver newspapers from this vehicle. It's kind of big and square and slow. Not very cool.

This next vehicle is somthing that pretty much anyonce can have. Children often have this vehicle and you usually use this to ride to school or to go to the store for short trips and this vehicle is really good for the environment and it only has two wheels.

This next vehicle is used mainly to transport people, and for example, it often takes children to school in the morning or it can take people around town and this vehicle only has one driver and that one driver must have a special licence.

The last vehicle is something that pretty much everybody has. Usually every family has it. But maybe this vehicle is a little bit of a problem because there is too many in the world and maybe it causes too much pollution. BUt everybody his this vehicle. Your family probably has this vehicle. It has four wheels and you use it every day.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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