SixPix #50 | Low Intermediate 4 - B1

At the Hospital

Listen to six people discuss their illness or injuries.

Conversation #1

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Yeah, I think I've broken my arm.

Receptionist: Where in your arm?

Patient: It's right here. It's my left wrist. I fell back on it and I'm pretty sure it's broken.

Receptionist: OK, can you still write with your right hand?

Patient: Yeah, I can.

Receptionist: OK, so I need you to fill out this form.

Patient: OK,

Receptionist: Fill it out and as soon as you complete it, give it back to me and I'll get you some help.

Patient: OK, thank you very much.

Conversation #2

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Yeah, I cut my hand before. I was just doing some dishes but then I dropped the glass and when I went to pick it up, I cut my hand open on it.

Receptionist: Ooh, yeah, that looks pretty bad.

Patient: Yeah, I bandaged it up but I think maybe there still some glass inside.

Receptionist: Yeah, plus we have to maybe wash it for infection. I tell you what, why don't you wait here, and I'll send a nurse over and she'll help you fill out the form and we'll get you some attention.

Patient: OK, thanks.

Conversation #3

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Yes, I think I have a concussion.

Receptionist: OK, what happened?

Patient: I was in a car accident today and not I feel really dizzy and I have a headache and I feel noxious like I want to throw up a lot.

Receptionist: OK, well, normally we would have you fill out a form I think maybe you should see a doctor right away. Can you just sit right there and I'll call the doctor.

Patient: OK.

Conversation #4

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Hi. I have a fever since last night and my stomach hurts and I feel really dizzy.

Receptionist: OK, is it from food? Did you eat anything?

Patient: No, I think it's because I was outside for a long time last night and I just caught a cold and I don't know what happened.

Receptionist: OK, so here's a form. I need you to fill this out and bring it back to me, and then we'll try to take care of you.

Patient: OK, thank you.

Conversation #5

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Yeah, can I get some help for my ankle, cause I twisted it during the soccer match just now.

Receptionist: Are you still able to walk?

Patient: Actually, not very much.

Receptionist: How long have you had the pain?

Patient: About half an hour ago.

Receptionist: Really, half an hour. Well, what we need you to do is to fill this form out and then we'll get somebody to help you shortly. It shouldn't take very long.

Patient: OK, that'll be good.

Conversation #6

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Patient: Yes, I burnt my hand.

Receptionist: Oh, that looks terrible. How did you burn your hand?

Patient: I accidentally put my hand on the stove.

Receptionist: Well, you know, normally we have people fill out a form but I think you should see a nurse right away. Here, I'll go with you. I'll find a nurse and she'll take your information and then put some cream on your hand.

Patient: Oh, thank you so much.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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