SixPix #70 | High Beginner 3

Yoga Poses

Jeff talks about common yoga poses.

Hello, my name is Jeff and I'm from Canada, and I do yoga every morning to start my day, and I'm going to give you six poses that's part of my morning routine every day.

The first is the surinamaskara, and it's called the Sun Salutation, and you start with your left foot and you do six poses, and then you finish on your right foot, and you do six more poses, back to your left foot, and that is one sun salutation. And you do twelve of them in a row.

The second pose is a cat stretch pose, and your down on your hands and knees like a cat and you're just arching your back up really high and exhaling, and then you're pushing your stomach towards the floor and inhaling and that's called the cat's stretch pose.

Another one is the eye exercises, and this is training to strengthen your eyes and your vision, and what you do is look up towards the ceiling as hard as you can, and then down towards the floor and then you look towards the left, and look towards the right, and then you circle your eyes as well, and that is eye stretches.

Another one, simple is just touch your toes and see if you can ... how close to the floor that you can get. I can touch the floor, so I can touch the floor and I try to keep that position for about thirty seconds. The longer you keep it, the better.

And, another one, they say it's the king of asanas. The best yoga pose you can do. It's the head stand. Where you literally stand on your head, and because you standing up all day long, the blood is always going down. This way it reverses the blood flow.

And the final position is the dead pose. And it's my favorite. You just lie on the floor like a dead man. It's very calming, and it's relaxing. After you finish all your yoga, you wanna just relax and then come out of the concentration and the exercise that you've been doing and this brings you out and relaxes your body again.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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