SixPix #74 | Low Intermediate 4 ( B1)

Best of Singapore

Jingwei talks about delicious dishes in Singapore.

Hi, I'm Jingwei. I'm from Singapore. Today I'm going to describe six local dishes that you can find and you should definitely try if you have the opportunity.

The first one would be bakwa. It's actually a Chinese New Year favorite for Chinese. It's barbecued pork. They usually come in squares, and it's sort of colored red, very juicy and if you get them fresh from the shop it should be delicious.

Okay, the next one you should definitely try is Hainanese chicken rice. It's just steamed white chicken with rice. It sounds boring, but it tastes great, and if the chicken is done well it should be really tender and you should see a layer of gelatin between the skin and the meat. And the rice, the focus, 'cause you can tell a good chicken rice stall from a bad chicken rice stall from how they make their rice.

The next one is frog’s legs porridge. Frog's legs might not sound very safe but I assure you it tastes really good. The best ones are usually found in clay pots, and the Chinese like to eat it with preserved eggs.

The next one is an Indian dish. It's called prata, and I like prata because of the display of skill the chef has to show when he makes prata. He sort of spins dough around and flips it. It's really cool. And the best ones, you have to eat them with fish curry.

The next one is rice dumplings. Easy to identify because they come in a pyramid shape wrapped in bamboo leaves. The inside is glutinous rice, and sometimes it's sweet or it could be savory.

The last one is Nasi Lemak. It's actually a Malay dish. It's basically coconut rice with chicken wings or otak which is like a spicy fish cake.

And those are the dishes of Singapore.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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