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Talks #35 | Intermediate B1

Morning with My Daughter

Listen to a man talk about a morning routine with his daugther.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

I really love walking my daughter to the bus stop in the morning. It's so refreshing to start the morning with a nice walk, especially on days it's kind of cool outside. This morning it was kind of cool outside, not too cold, but it was cool. So it felt refreshing to go on a little walk and see my daughter off to school. This morning we saw a couple of dogs and every time we see dogs and they're all alone, my daughter kind of wonders about them and wants to know what can we do.

Can we find out where they're supposed to go? So it's a great thing that she's so caring and we can have these talks on our morning walks.

What is the correct word? Listen to the audio to hear the answer!

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