Aimee and Todd talk about their favorite things.

Be Verbs (Lesson Plan)

Beginner ESL students can hear real people speaking natural English using Be verbs in the simple present. Recommended study plan:

  • Watch the video
  • Take the quiz
  • Listen again and read the script
  • Learn the grammar with the notes

Todd: Hey Aimee, how are you today?

Aimee: I'm good, thanks Todd. And you?

Todd: I'm good. Pretty good. Let's talk about your favorite things.

Aimee: OK.

Todd: What is your favorite food?

Aimee: Ooh! My favorite food is avocado.

Todd: Avocado?

Aimee: Honestly.

Todd: Wow!

Aimee: How about you?

Todd: My favorite food is pizza, I think. I love pizza.

Aimee: Oh, me too!

Todd: It's so good.

Aimee: It's so delicious.

Todd: Yeah.

Aimee: And what is your favorite movie?

Todd: Well, my favorite movie is Star Wars.

Aimee: Classic!

Todd: I know. And you? What is your favorite movie?

Aimee: Well, I do love Star Wars too, but my favorite movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

Todd: Ooh! I like that movie a lot. Very good. Very good. So I was in high school the same time as the movie

Aimee: Were you?

Todd: Yeah!

Aimee: Great!

Todd: So cool. Who is your favorite actor?

Aimee: My favorite actor is Jean Reno.

Todd: Hmm, the Frenchmen.

Aimee: Yes. Yes, he's French, but he's been in a lot of American movies too.

Todd: Yeah, I like the movie Leon.

Aimee: Love it!

Todd: It's very cool.

Aimee: Yes, I agree. How about you?

Todd: My favorite actor is Brad Pitt, so I like Brad Pitt a lot.

Aimee: He's great.

Todd: Yeah, he is good.

Aimee: Very talented.

Todd: Ah, who ... I'm sorry ... what is your favorite season?

Aimee: My favorite season is probably Spring. I think. It's ... the cool of winter has passed and it's not too hot yet, so I think Spring. How about you? What's your favorite season?

Todd: Oh, my favorite season is the Fall or Autumn. I love the Fall. I love the colors. It is not hot. It is not cold, and they are many holidays, and my birthday is in the Fall.

Aimee: They are great reasons to love Autumn.

Todd: So, when is your birthday?

Aimee: Actually, my birthday is also in Autumn. My birthday is in October.

Todd: Oh, wow! Me too. My birthday is also in October. What day?

Aimee: 14th!

Todd: 14th!

Aimee: And you?

Todd: The second. Cool! So next year let's have a birthday party together.

Aimee: OK.

Todd: October birthday party.

Aimee: Good idea.

Todd: So what is your favorite city?

Aimee: My favorite city is probably Osaka.

Todd: Oh, in Japan.

Aimee: Yes, yes. So far. Yes, Osaka is very noisy and colorful and the people are very open and talkative, so I really enjoy Osaka.

Todd: Nice.

Aimee: How about you? What's your favorite city?

Todd: I think my favorite city is Barcelona.

Aimee: Ooh, in Spain.

Todd: Yeah, it's very nice.

Aimee: It is.

Todd: It's warm. It's beautiful. The food is delicious.

Aimee: Yes.

Todd: People are nice.

Aimee: Yes.

Todd: But it's expensive.

Aimee: Right.

Todd: A little bit.

Aimee: Yeah.

Todd: But Osaka is expensive.

Aimee: That's true.

Todd: Very expensive.

Aimee: Yeah.

Todd: OK, thanks.

Aimee: Thanks, Todd.

Todd: Bye.

Aimee: Bye.

Grammar Point

First Person / Singular
  1. I am a teacher.
  2. I am not a student.
  3. I'm 47.
  4. I'm not young.
Second Person / Singular
  1. You are a student.
  2. You are not a teacher.
  3. You're early.
  4. You're not late.
Third Person / Singular - Female
  1. She is a doctor.
  2. She is not a nurse.
  3. She's tall.
  4. She's not short. / She isn't short.
Third Person / Singular - Male
  1. He is married.
  2. She is not single.
  3. He's smart.
  4. He's not stupid. / He isn't stupid
Third Person / Singular - Thing / Object
  1. It is hot.
  2. It is not cold.
  3. It's difficult.
  4. It's not easy. / It isn't easy.
Third Person / Plural
  1. They are friends.
  2. They are not family.
  3. They're happy.
  4. They're not upset. / They aren't upset.
First Person / Plural
  1. We are from England.
  2. We are not American.
  3. We're here!
  4. We're not ready. / We aren't ready.
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