A1 Beginner

Beginner Listening Lessons (A2)

Listen to natural conversations that cover grammar and language points for beginners.
Get the free book for Level 2 for in-class use, homework, and self-study for lessons 1 to 10.

Aimee and Todd talk about their favorite things.
Meg Todd
John and Sarah discuss what they do in the morning.
Sarah John
Meg and Todd share how to make their favorite sandwiches.
Meg Todd
Aimee and Todd talk about all the stuff they have in their homes.
Aimie Todd
Daniel and Hana discuss their eating and cooking habits.
Hana Daniel
Abidemi talks about things she can and cannot do.
Abidemi Todd
Meg and Todd talk about times in their lives.
Meg Todd
Meg talks about eating right and the foods she loves to eat.
Meg Todd
Two people talk about things they like using stative verbs.
Darcy Todd
Sarah and John talk about their hometowns in America.
Sarah John
Katie talks about what she did over the weekend.
Katie Todd
Katies talks about her family and what they often do.
Katie Todd
Katie and Todd discuss what they need to make breakfast.
Katie Todd
Katie asks Todd about staying at his house.
Katie Todd
Akane orders dinner at a restaurant.
Ruth Akane