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Lesson #4 - Quizlet

Hello. In this video, we are going to look at how to create an English vocabulary study set on Quizlet. So let's say that you studied an activity, or you're a teacher and you want your students to study an activity, or you're a student and you want to create your own study set. You want to learn the vocabulary. In a previous lesson, we learned how you can use English Central to actually create a vocabulary glossary. So here's the glossary that we have. What I've done is I've created a game to review these words in Japanese and I did that using Quizlet. What we'll do is make another game, so you can see how it works in a different language. So here, the student could do a bunch of things. They could go through the learning activities, flashcards, learn, write, spell, tests. These are some nice activities they can do. But one of the fun things they can do is the match game.

So with the match game, the students will have all the words spread out on a sheet, and then they have to quickly put them together in... I'm going to go ahead and start the game here. My computer is really slow, the processor. So what they would've to do is try to put everything together, right. So for example, nationwide, I think that is that. My Japanese is really bad. Ijime that's bullying. I know that one. Generally, I think is that. Let's see. The statistics, it's probably that one. I recognize the little [congy 00:01:29]. Threat, well, it's got to be here because this has pose in the word. So I'm going to put that there. So you can do the match game if you like.

They have another game where you can do gravity, which is a lot of fun. So they can do this game here where the words will come down and you have to write what the word is. I'm going to say answer in English and I'm going to make it easy. So you hit let's go. Then what's going to happen is the word's going to come down. That was pose. I remember that. So then you have to type it in before it gets to the bottom. That is congregate. I can't remember. Was that it? No. So if it's wrong, and actually maybe it's deny. My Japanese is so bad. So when this gets to the bottom here, it'll tell you what the word is. It's going to say, hey, it was ban. Ban, deny. That's kind of close. Right. So then you can type it in and then you can start again. So anyway, you probably don't no Japanese and my Japanese is not that good. So let's do this in another language. So how would you do this? Create a set.

So the first thing I'm going to do is come and grab my words and we will do... Let's see which one. I guess we can do the Portuguese. How's that? So for all the people in Portugal, you can laugh when I try to do this in Portuguese. So I'm going to go ahead and grab this. Now, remember, you might want to check the definition so you can edit this as you like, but I'm going to just take this as is. In the last video, we showed you how to get this using either Depot or ER Central. So I'm going to come back here and say to Quizlet, let's create a new study set. So I'm going to say create study set there. So just create study set. Then I'm going to say, this is going to be ELLLO News 20, and this is going to be in Portuguese. Right. All right. So then we're going to say vocab list. All right. All right.

So this is the cool thing, how easy it is. If I just click here, where it says Word, Excel, Google Docs, et cetera, if I just click this and then paste in those words there, here they are. It's going to auto-populate it here. So it's already auto-populating the game down here or the study set. I'm going to say import, and then I'm going to have to choose a language. So if I click on this, I'm going to say, okay, this is English. I want that. Then on this side, this is Portuguese. So let's go ahead and find that P, P, P. Gosh, it's way down. There it is. Portuguese. Okay. So I have Portuguese. So I have English and I have Portuguese and then that's it. I'm done. So it looks okay.

Now, if you want, you can remove words. So for example, maybe you think, you know what, carpet, carpets, I have a repeat. So I can remove one of those. Or maybe you think carpets is too easy. You can remove it. So we have a lot here that we can do. So then I'm going to hit create, and it just takes a second and then voila, I'm done. Now I can share this, right. So you can share it with the students if you like. You can send it in an email. You can share it in all these places. So if I were to copy the link and then put it in another website or email or something like that, and another browser, the student then could do the activity. Actually, let's see how it looks like if we do that here. I'll go ahead and paste it in here and see what it looks like.

It's going to be under my user account. Because my computer is so slow, I don't want to open up another browser window. My computer is really slow because it uses a lot of processing power when I make these screencasts. This is kind of okay, I guess. This is kind of how the students would see it. So here it is. So here's the activity. So the students could flip through the words down here and they can learn them one by one. Then if they click on it, it'll show them the word on the other side if you have not used Quizlet. I think many of you have. Then you can just go ahead and learn the words. You can play the audio. You can do the match game. So let's see how I do on the match game. English and Portuguese are a lot closer than English and Japanese. So I might be able to figure this out because of some of the Latin roots, but we will see.

So I'm going to go ahead and start the game, and let's see. Yeah. Mystery. There we go. Statistics is estatisticas, whatever. I cannot say Portuguese. You can laugh at my Portuguese. Local, I am going to guess. Local, local. Wow. How hard is that? It's the same word. Shark, what word means shark? How about this word? Oh, I got it right. Look at that. Then commemorate and there we go. I never would've guessed those two words were the same. So if I wanted to play again, I could. Then of course I could also... I love doing the gravity game. I could do that as well. Then I'm going to have to answer in English because I don't know how to type the little marks in Portuguese. So answer with English. So here we go. Start the game. That's got to be residents. I got it right. That is, is that shark? I'm trying to remember. It was. See, I learned the word for shark. I have no idea what this word is. People in Brazil are laughing at me right now.

So what's going to happen is when this gets down here to the bottom, it'll actually tell me what the word is. So it's going to say, boo, you didn't get it. So gambling. So then once you type it in, then the game restarts. I don't know what that word is either. So anyway, that's how you can easily make an activity in just seconds using a glossary and you can do it in different languages. So yeah, that's it. So Quizlet is a lot of fun. So students can create their own study sets. Teachers can create study sets. There's just so much you can do. That is Quizlet.

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Todd Beuckens is an ESL teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience. He has an M.A. in Learning, Design and Technology from San Diego State University. He is currently based in Japan and is the creator of the following sites.


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