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Learn English using these free listening activities. Most lessons come with audio and/or video, a transcript, a quiz, and vocabulary support.



Students can listen to speakers from around the world discuss various topics. Lessons come with audio, script, a quiz, and vocabulary support. Over 1500 Free Lessons | Views Full List

One Minute English


Students can watch short videos, most less than a minute, of speakers from around the world answering a question. 750+ Free Video Lessons



Six people answer the same question. These activities come with a quiz, transcript, and vocabulary support. There are 150 free lessons!

News Center


These lessons focus on academic English. Students listen to a short, animated news segment and take a quiz. 20 Lessons



Students can practice academic English and work on test tasking skills and vocabulary with these activities. 21 Free Lessons

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My name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher in Japan. I created this site to provide teachers and students free audio lessons and learning materials not usually found in commercial textbooks.

Special Request? Write me here and maybe I can help you find it (or create it for you).