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creatorElllo! My name is Todd Beuckens, and I am an English teacher based in Japan. Each week I publish two new listening lessons that students and teachers can use freely to make learning English fun, natural, and meaningful. You can contact me here.

Work from the Beach
Bucket List
This week, Adam talks about his lifetime goals (#1375) and Sarah shares hers (#1376).
Views: Listen to natural English, take a quiz, and learn vocabulary.
Shirley talks about her weekend.
Views #1345
Do computers help people learn?
Views #1265
Dan talks about how to live for less.
Views #1326
Daniel and Hana talk about sleep.
Views #1268
Mike and Erina share their bad habits.
Views #1215
Paul discusses the environment.
Views #1301
Videos: Watch English speakers discuss life. Quiz included.
Does it rain a lot in your country?
Mixer Video #21
Are you a clean freak?
Mixer Video #6
Tom and Jess share their dream jobs.
Mixer Video #8
What do you do first in the morning?
Mixer Video #25
Doron and Pernais share their plans.
Mixer Video #16
Rese and Tlotlo take on a tough issue.
Mixer Video #7