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Rufei talks about how student life in China is very competitive.
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MX 100 English
Mixer 100 Learning English
Best way to learn English!
MX 97 Disaster
Mixer 97 Natural Disaster
Being in a natural disaster!
MX 96 Dancing
Mixer 96 Dancing
Are you a good dancer?
MX 95 Appearance
Mixer 95 Do you look good?
Do you worry about your looks?
MX 94 Breakup
Mixer 94 Breaking Up
Breaking up vs. being dumped


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1247 Work from Abroad
1508 The Norway Way
Gyri talks about education in Norway.
1247 Work from Abroad
1507 Standardized Tests
Two college students discuss testings.
1247 Work from Abroad
1506 Favorite Celebrities
Hana and Ben discuss famous people they like.
1247 Work from Abroad
1505 Movie Take
Ben talks about two movies he saw recently.

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Video 1500
What is the secret to learning English?
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Video 1499
How did you learn English?
Cover Image
Video 1498
How do you stay healthy?

One Minute Grammar

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2-10 There is / There are
What is there is to do Tokyo?
Cover Image
3-05 Going to
What are you going to do?
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4-05 Should (Suggestions)
What to take when traveling

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