About the Creator

creatorElllo! My name is Todd Beuckens, and I am the creator of elllo.org. I am an English teacher in Japan. Each week I publish two new, free listening lessons.

I have been teaching English for over twenty years. I have taught in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

I created elllo.org in 2003 as part of a MA TESOL graduate school project. Since then, elllo has published more than 2,500 free activities featuring more than 300 speakers from over 100 countries.

Students can use the site to practice English by working on listening, reading, vocabulary and even pronunciation and speaking.

New lessons are published each Monday.

Elllo is free and I create it in my spare time because I am a full-time teacher, so the site is basic, but I try to modernize it from time to time.

The aim of the site it to make learning English fun, effective, and free and to provide teachers and students with materials that you cannot find in traditional textbooks.

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