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  1. Do you like to discounts?
  2. There is a really nice restaurant .
  3. The travel section has good siteseeing for tourists.
  4. If you go to the beach, you take a hat and sunscreen.
  5. If you are ever in town, please to my office.

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G75 Vietnam
Hoa talks about six places travelers should visit in her home country.
Hello. I’m Hoa and I’m from Vietnam. I’m gonna (going to) give you some tips for travelling in Vietnam. So I’m going to introduce you six cities in Vietnam and what to do there. First of all I’m gonna talk about Hanoi, which is my hometown. From Hanoi you can go to Halong Bai, to visit the nature, to visit the ocean and it is one of the greatest travelling destinations in Vietnam.

And next, if you move to the south you should definitely pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh city, because it’s a very new city, and it’s very modern, busy, crowded all the time. And you should visit Ben Thanh market because they have a lot of stuff and you can enjoy bargaining for the food, for the stuff, for the clothes. It will give you a good experience.

From Ho Chi Minh city, if you go a little bit to the south you should visit Vung Tau City and you should visit the floating market where, you know, they have a lot of trading on the river, you can try a lot of fruits, variety of fruits which you cannot try anywhere else but just in the south.

Next if you move a little bit, you know from Ho Chi Minh city if you go a little bit north , you might want to visit Nha Trang Because it’s a very, very beautiful city. It has a very long coastline and then the beaches is just amazing. And you know you should try the seafood as well because in Nha Trang they have plenty of seafood and it’s very fresh, because Nha Trang is famous for seafood, so you should try it out.

And if you go to the centre, you might want to visit Hue, because it's the place where the Vietnamese king used to live. You should visit palace or castles and, maybe you should, you might want to try out the special noodles in Hue as well, because they are very spicy and it is one of the most spicy foods in Vietnam.

And lastly, if you prefer, you know, cold weather and little bit chilly atmosphere you might want to visit Sapa, it is located in the north of Vietnam. And there’s a lot of … you know ethnic tribal peoples and you can experience very traditional and very different rituals and food from the rest of the country. So … that’s all.