Dropped Class

Erina is having some trouble on campus. Mike offers to help her solve her problem. (Scenes 3 | Part 2 of 7)


Mike: Hey Erina, right? It's Mike. Remember me?

Erina: Oh hi Mike! Thank you so much for helping me the other day.

Mike: Yeah no problem. How are your classes?

Erina: Oh they're going great. I really love a lot of the classes but there is one class that I want to drop.

Mike: Really? What class is it?

Erina: It's Business 101, and it's... really boring.

Mike: Yeah? What do you mean it's really boring? I mean, why do you want to drop the class?

Erina: It's one of those classes where teachers just read things out from the textbook, and you just feel really sleepy and tired, and it's not interesting at all, you know what I mean?

Mike: I know exactly what you mean.

Erina: Yeah.

Mike: So you're going to drop that class?

Erina: Yes. But, I don't know how. Do you know how to do it?

Mike: Yeah, it's actually pretty easy. You go on to the university website, and you click on campus terminal, which is for students.

Erina: Okay.

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Mike: And then from there you'll see an academic heading. And when you click on that you'll see a number of options, and one of them is going to be course registration.

Erina: Okay.

Mike: So when you click on the course registration, you're going to see an area where you can check the syllabus, you can check the teachers, and you'll be able to do all your scheduling for your courses. So in that web... at that area of the website you'll be able to drop classes and change it for other ones.

Erina: Okay, thank you. And the course registration period is until...?

Mike: Actually it's till tomorrow at 6pm, so you better hurry.

Erina: Oh really? But the thing is I'm not sure if I can do this myself.

Mike: Well, honestly I have a spare period right now. We could both go to the library together and I could help you out with it.

Erina: Oh that would be so great. Thank you so much.

Mike: Yeah, no problem. Let's go.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

drop the class

Why do you want to drop the class?

When you drop a class, you stop taking a class. You remove the class from your school schedule.

You can drop a class, or drop out of school. In both cases it means you stop studying. Here are a few more uses:

  1. I had to drop my math class. It was too hard.
  2. The teachers asked me not to drop the class, so I stayed.

you know what I mean

It is not interesting at all, you know what I mean?

The phrase 'you know what I mean' is a very common phrase in English.

People use 'you know what I mean' to see if the listener shares the same feeling about the topic. Notice the following:

  1. Rainy days are so boring. You know what I mean?
  2. I totally know what you mean. I hate them too.


You'll see an academic heading.

A heading is like a title for a paragraph. When you read an article, or website, or newspaper, you see headings at the top of paragraph to explain the content.

On a website, a heading is used to help people navigate the site. Check these examples:

  1. The heading caught my attention, but the article was boring.
  2. A good reader always reads the heading before the article.

You better hurry

It's till tomorrow at 6 p.m., so you better hurry.

The phrase, or warning, 'you better hurry' lets the listener know they are short of time.

'You better hurry' is softer and more of a suggestion. 'Hurry!' is more direct and more of a command. Notice the following:

  1. If you want to eat, you better hurry. The cafeteria closes soon.
  2. You better hurry. The bus last leaves at midnight and it is 11:45 now.

a spare period

I have a spare period, so I can help you.

Spare means something extra or free and not in use, so if you have if you have a spare period, that means you have a period at school with nothing to do or no class to attend. Here are a few examples:

  1. I have a spare room is you need a place to stay.
  2. All cars have a spare tire in case one gets a flat.
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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
drop the class • what I mean • heading
better hurry • spare period
  1. You or you will be late.
  2. I have a after lunch.
  3. He is so rude if you know .
  4. Please read the carefully.
  5. I think I will .