ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 3-08


Watch these videos to learn how to use adjectives.


Use adjectives to show the quality of something.

Point 1: Adjectives are often used after a be very to describe the subect.
  1. He is funny.
  2. It is hot today.
  3. My house is old.
  4. You are so nice!
Point 2: The be verb can change tenses, and the adjective does not change form.
  1. He was happy.
  2. It will be hot tomorrow.
  3. My house was old and cold.
  4. You can be nice at time.
Point 3: We sometimes add very and really to show greater intensity of a trait.
  1. Tokyo is really crowded.
  2. Rome is very old.
  3. She is really nice.
  4. He is very strict.
Point 4: Adjectives can also describe a noun. If the noun has a determiner or quantifier, it goes between them and the noun.
  1. Russia is a big country.
  2. She is a nice lady.
  3. It was a difficult test.
  4. I bought some really nice shoes.

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