ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 3-09


Watch these videos to learn how to use comparatives.


Use the comparative to show that something has a greater quality of some trait compared to another subject.

One Syllable / -er

small – smaller This book is smaller than that book.
cold – colder Alaska is colder than Hawaii.
young – younger You are younger than your parents.

One Syllable ends in /e/ -r

safe – safer Japan is safer than most countries.
nice – nicer The weather is nicer in summer.
close – closer His house is closer to the airport than mine.

Consonant + vowel + Consonant -(x)er

hot – hotter It is usually hotter at noon than midnight.
big – bigger My town is bigger than before.
fat – fatter I am always a little fatter after the holidays.

Two Syllable ends in /y/ -ier

happy – happier I am happier now than before.
angry – angrier The boss is angrier in the morning.
pretty – prettier That shirt looked prettier on you.

Two or More Syllables >> more -

dangerous – more dangerous
The city is more dangerous now.
expensive – more expensive
Everything is more expensive these days.
difficult – more difficult
This test is more difficult that the last one.


good – better Life was better before.
bad – worse I am still sick. I feel worse than yesterday.

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