ELLLO Low Intermediate English Lesson #4-04

Used To - Past Tense

Watch these videos to learn how to use used to in the past tense.

Used to + base verb

Use the modal used to when talking about past events that no longer occur.

Point 1: We often use used to when asked about present activities.

(Q) Do you play golf?
(A) I used to play but not anymore. I don't have time.

(Q) Do you play any instruments?
(A) Not really. I used to play the guitar but not anymore.

Point 2: We often use the phrase not anymore to clarify that the action does not happen presently.

(Q) Do you cook much?
(A) Not anymore. I used to though.

(Q) Do you see your friend from school?
(A) Not really. We used to meet once a week but now we are too busy with life.

Point 3: In a Yes/No question, we can omit the verb and reply by with just used to followed by but and a reason.

(Q) Do you study French?
(A) I used to but I gave up.

(Q) Do you you and your family travel much?
(A) We used to but now we don't have time.

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