Goran / Italy flaf Michael / Norway flaf

Michael: Hello, my name is Michael and I'm from Norway.

Goran: Hello, my name is Goran and I'm from Italy.

Michael: So, today I'm going to ask, what is your favorite music?

Goran: Oh, I would say metal. Since I was a kid I always love the rock and roll. And then from rock and roll I passed to some kind of harder rock and roll which is metal. And like it because with the metal, you can try many different subgenre of metal. It's not just what most of the people think, rumors, there is a lot more about metal we think we have. So, what about you?

Michael: That's a very good question. When I was younger, I really love taking on trance. And then I completely turn to rock and metal and alternative. And now a days, you know, I like many types of music, I listen to pop, I listen to metal, I listen to techno and trance sometimes. You know, they say that music tastes is like eating taco, it's to like one genre is like eating taco every day. So, you should have a mix of everything. But, yeah, I think rock, I love rock, classic rock, and there, you know, for me it's really important that the song has some kind of message that I agree with or I feel tells me something.

Goran: Thank you.

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