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Be Verbs - Present Simple

Listen to four conversations using Be verbs in the present simple.

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Conversation 1

Man: Hello! Are you a new student?
Woman: Yes, I am. Today is my first day.
Man: Well, welcome. My name is Tony.
Woman: Hi, Tony. I’m Beth.
Man: Are you new in town?
Woman: Yes, I’m from New York.
Man: Wow! The Big City! Well, I hope you like our small town.
Woman: Are you from around here?
Man: Yes, I am. Born and raised here.
Woman: That is so cool. Well, it is nice to meet you.
Man: Nice to meet you, too.

Conversation 2

Man: Hey Beth, how is your first day?
Woman: It is really good. This school is great!
Man: How are your classes?
Woman: They are fun! My teachers are so nice.
Man: Who are your teachers?
Woman: My English teacher is Mr. Wong.
Man: Oh, he is really nice.
Woman: Yes, he is. My Spanish teacher is Mrs. Garcia.
Man: Oh, she is really nice, too.
Woman: Yes, her class is a lot of fun!

Conversation 3

Man: What is your favorite class?
Woman: Spanish. I love it. My Spanish is not very good, though. I am just a beginner.
Man: Well, Spanish is my first language. My name is Tony, short for Antonio.
Woman: Really! That is so cool.
Man: Yeah, my dad is from Mexico, and my mom is from Costa Rica.
Woman: Wow! You are so lucky.
Man: Yeah, Spanish is easy for me, so I can help you if you like.
Woman: I’d like that. Thank you!

Conversation 4

Woman: Tony, where is the computer lab?
Man: It’s just down the hall.
Woman: My Spanish class is there tomorrow.
Man: Oh, when is the class?
Woman: It’s at 6, after school.
Man: Why isn’t the class online?
Woman: It is, but I’m still new in town, so I don’t have internet at home yet.
Man: Oh, I see. Well, good luck with the class.
Woman: Thanks. I’m excited for it. I think online classes are fun!
Man: I think so, too.

Be Verbs (am, is, are) Simple Present

Point 1: The Be verb has three forms in the present tense: am, is, are. It connects a subject with a noun, adjective, or preposition.

Before Nouns

  1. I am a teacher.
  2. You are a student.

Before Adjectives

  1. I am hungry.
  2. It is hot today.

Before Prepositions

  1. She is at home.
  2. The books are on the table.
Point 2: Use am and am not for the pronoun I.
  1. I am American.
  2. I am not tired.
  3. I'm happy. (am = 'm)
  4. I'm not sad. (am = 'm)
Point 3: Use are and are not for the pronoun you.
  1. You are a student.
  2. You are not a teacher.
  3. You're a nice person. (are = 're)
  4. You're not late. (are not = 're not)
  5. You aren't late. (are not = aren't)
Point 4: Use is and is not for the pronoun she.
  1. Mary is my friend.
  2. She is not my sister.
  3. She's very smart. (is = 's)
  4. She's not here. (is not = 's not)
  5. She isn't here. (is not = isn't)
Point 5: Use is and is not for the pronoun he.
  1. Jason is my friend.
  2. He is not my brother.
  3. He's very smart. (is = 's)
  4. He's not here. (is not = 's not)
  5. He isn't here. (is not = isn't)
Point 6: Use is and is not for the pronoun it.
  1. The weather is cold today.
  2. It is not warm.
  3. It's easy. (is = 's)
  4. It's not hard (is not = 's not)
  5. It isn't hard. (is not = isn't)
Point 7: Use are and are not for the pronoun they.
  1. Beth and Bob are my friends.
  2. They are not from here.
  3. They're nice people.(are = 're)
  4. They're not shy. (are not = 're not)
  5. They aren't shy. (are not = aren't)
Point 8: Use are and are not for the pronoun we.
  1. My friend and I are here.
  2. We are not late.
  3. We're good friends. (are = 're)
  4. We're not busy. (are not = 're not)
  5. We aren't busy. (are not = aren't)
Point 9: For question words, the verb matches the subject.
  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. When is the meeting?
  3. Who are your teachers?
  4. Where are the bathrooms?
  5. Why is it cold in here?
  6. How are you?
  7. How is school?
  8. How are your classes?
  9. Why am I here?
  10. Why is she late?
  11. Why isn't she here?
  12. Why aren't you mad?
Point 10: For Yes/No questions words, the verb matches the subject.
  1. Am I late?
  2. Is she here?
  3. Are my keys on the table?
  4. Are you from around here?
  5. Is your dad a doctor?
  6. Is English easy for you?
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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