Beginner English Grammar (A2) Lesson 9 of 25


Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: Where do you usually buy your groceries?
Woman: I usually go to City Market, because the prices are cheaper.
Man: Yeah, it is cheaper there but the produce is not that fresh. So I stopped shopping there.
Woman: Oh, where do you shop?
Man: I buy my groceries at Farmer’s Market, because the produce is much better.
Woman: Yeah, but I hear it is much more expensive there.
Man: It is, but you get what you pay for.
Woman: I can’t argue with that!

Conversation 2

Man: How do you like your new job?
Woman: It’s great! The pay is much better, but my job is much more stressful.
Man: What about the benefits?
Woman: They are about the same, but my vacation time is longer.
Man: Oh, that’s nice. And how are your coworkers?
Woman: Everyone is nice, but the office environment is more serious. I miss my friends.
Man: Sounds like you miss your old job. Any regrets?
Woman: No, I am happier now. The money is worth it.

Conversation 3

Man: I heard you moved. Congratulations!
Woman: Yes, I bought a house downtown.
Man: Oh, great! How is the new place?
Woman: It’s great. It is much bigger than my last place.
Man: Nice. Is it a new house?
Woman: No, it’s an older home, but it’s fairly new.
Man: Does it have a yard?
Woman: It does. It is a bit smaller than I’d like, but it is big enough for my dog.

Conversation 4

Man: Who is this in the picture?
Woman: That is my younger sister.
Man: Oh wow. She is so cute!
Woman: Yes, she is. She looks much different now. That is five years ago.
Man: Oh, how old is she now?
Woman: She is 20. She is much taller now, and her hair is shorter.
Man: Yeah, it’s amazing how much we change from our teens.
Woman: Yep, we all get older, don’t we!


Use the comparative to show that something has a greater quality of some trait compared to another subject.

One Syllable / -er

small – smaller - This book is smaller than that book.
cold – colder - Alaska is colder than Hawaii.
young – younger - You are younger than your parents.

One Syllable ends in /e/ -r

safe – safer - Japan is safer than most countries.
nice – nicer - The weather is nicer in summer.
close – closer - His house is closer to the airport than mine.

Consonant + Vowel + Consonant -(x)er

hot – hotter - It is usually hotter at noon than midnight.
big – bigger - My town is bigger than before.
fat – fatter - I am always a little fatter after the holidays.

Two Syllables end in /y/ -ier

happy – happier - I am happier now than before.
angry – angrier - The boss is angrier in the morning.
pretty – prettier - That shirt looked prettier on you.

Two or More Syllables >> more -

dangerous – more dangerous
The city is more dangerous now.
expensive – more expensive
Everything is more expensive these days.
difficult – more difficult
This test is more difficult than the last one.


good – better - Life was better before.
bad – worse - I am still sick. I feel worse than yesterday.

Answer these questions about the interview.

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