Beginner English Grammar (A2) Lesson 16 of 25

Adverbs of Time

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Woman: Are you coming to the meeting?
Man: When is it?
Woman: It’s at one. It starts soon.
Man: Is the boss coming?
Woman: Yes, he’s already there, I think.
Man: What about Sue?
Woman: I don’t know. She’s not here yet.
Man: What about Jerry?
Woman: He just called. He’s still out sick.
Man: He’s still sick! Lucky him!
Woman: Well, it’s almost time. We better go.
Man: Right. I’ll be right there.

Conversation 2

Woman: I’m back!
Man: Welcome home!
Woman: Is dinner ready yet?
Man: Not yet, but it’s almost done.
Woman: Is the table set?
Man: Yes, I already did it.
Woman: Are the kids back yet?
Man: No, they’re still outside playing, but they should be back soon. I already texted them.
Woman: So, what’s for dinner?
Man: Lasagna. It’s still cooking, but it’s almost done.
Woman: Great! I’m starving!

Conversation 3

Man: Do you still work with Joe?
Woman: No, not anymore. He just quit.
Man: Oh no! Why?
Woman: He just got a new job. He already started it, I think.
Man: What about Sue?
Woman: She’s still there, but not for long. She just put in her notice.
Man: She is quitting too! Why?
Woman: She just got engaged. She’s moving to London. Her fiancé lives there.
Man: Well, your company is lucky they still have you!
Woman: For now anyway?
Man: Are you quitting too?
Woman: Not yet, but soon! I already started looking!

Conversation 4

Woman: Hello, This is Maria. How can I help you?
Man: Ugh!
Woman: Hello, are you still there?
Man: Yes, I am still here!
Woman: Thank you for waiting. Can I get your account number?
Man: What! I just gave it to the last person.
Woman: I’m sorry. Can you give it to me again?
Man: Why? I already gave it.
Woman: I know, but for security reasons, I need it again.
Man: OK, but this is ridiculous.
Woman: I’m sorry sir. I promise that we’ll be finished soon.
Man: OK, my number is …..

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Point 1:
  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
  4. -----
Point 2:
  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
  4. -----
Point 3:
  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
Point 4:
  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
  4. -----
Point 5:
  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
  4. -----
Answer these questions about the interview.

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