Beginner English Grammar (A2) Lesson 19 of 25

Also / As well / Too

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: Do you have a pet?
Woman: I do. I have a dog, and I also have a cat.
Man: Oh, really? I have a cat as well.
Woman: Really? What color?
Man: My cat is black.
Woman: My cat is black too!

Conversation 2

Man: What do you do?
Woman: I am a teacher.
Man: Cool! I am a teacher too.
Woman: Really? What do you teach?
Man: I teach math.
Woman: No way! I also teach math.

Conversation 3

Man: What shows do you like?
Woman: I like Game of Thrones.
Man: I love that show too.
Woman: Who’s your favorite character?
Man: I really like Jon Snow.
Woman: I like him as well.

Conversation 4

Man: Where do you live?
Woman: I live downtown.
Man: So do I! Where?
Woman: By the station.
Man: Me too! I live on B Street.
Woman: Get out of here! I do as well.

Grammar Focus

You can use the following words to add additional information.


I have a car.
I have a car, too.
I, too, have a car

I like to play tennis.
She likes to play tennis, too.
She, too, likes to play tennis.


I have a dog.
She also has a dog.
She has a dog also.

He works in the city.
She works in the city also.
She also works in the city.

as well

They have a cat
We have a cat as well.

I take the bus to work.
He takes the bus to work as well.

So ---

I drive a small car.
So do I. / So does she. / So do they.

She is a doctor.
So is Jim. / So am I. / So are they.

Answer these questions about the interview.

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