Intermediate English Grammar (B1) Lesson 12 of 25

Subordinating Conjuctions for Time

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: What do you usually do after you finish work.
Woman: I usually go to the gym, and then after I work out, I go shopping.
Man: You must get home pretty late. When do you eat dinner?
Woman: I usually eat as soon as I get home, which is about 9.
Man: Wow, I could never eat dinner that late.
Woman: When do you usually eat dinner?
Man: I usually eat about 6, right after I get home.
Woman: Do you usually cook?
Man: No, my wife works from home, so she usually has dinner ready by the time I get back.
Woman: Sounds like a nice set-up.

Conversation 2

Man: So, how do you register for this app on the website?
Woman: Well, first you put in your email address.
Man: OK, that seems pretty easy.
Woman: But before you can do anything else, you need to check your email.
Man: OK,. Then what do I do?
Woman: After you get the email, you need to click the link which goes back to the website.
Man: OK, do I need to do this as soon as I sign up?
Woman: No, I think you can wait as long as you like, but I am not sure.
Man: OK, well, regardless, I will click it as soon as I get it. What's next then?
Woman: Then you go back to the site and after you create a password, you have an account. Then you can use the app.
Man: Sounds pretty easy. I think I can do that.
Woman: It’s very easy. I am sure you will have no problems.
Man: Thanks.

Conversation 3

Man: So, how was your day at the beach?
Woman: Awful. It started to rain as soon as we got there.
Man: Oh no. Did it rain all day?
Woman: No, but by the time it stopped, we were ready to come back home.
Man: Oh, that is too bad.
Woman: We did get to swim a little though right before we left.
Man: Well, at least you had some fun.
Woman: Yeah, hopefully we will have nicer weather when we go next time.

Conversation 4

Man: When do you want to retire?
Woman: I want to retire when I am about 50.
Man: Wow, that is pretty young. Why so young?
Woman: I want to travel the world while I am still relatively young. What about you?
Man: I doubt I will retire before I am 70. I love working.
Woman: Oh yeah. What do you want to do after you retire?
Man: Well, assuming I have grandkids, I want to spend as much time with them before they grow up.
Woman: That’s nice. Well, here’s to our future.

Subordinating Conjunctions of Time

Point 1: Subordinating conjunctions of time show how clauses relate according to time.
  1. The meeting started before we got there.
  2. He left by the time we arrived.
  3. Call me when you get home.
  4. I will call you after I finish.
Point 2: Before and by the time precede an action.
  1. I wake up before the sun rises.
  2. She does yoga before she goes to work.
  3. My boss is in the office by the time I get there.
  4. I should be there by the time you arrive.
Point 3: When, as soon as, once, and until coincide with an action.
  1. I feel sad when it rains.
  2. She calls me as soon as she gets home.
  3. Flip the pancake once it starts to bubble.
  4. Please stay here until I call you.
Point 4: After follows an action. As soon as and right after or just after can mean the same thing.
  1. I called her after I got home.
  2. I saw him as soon as the meeting ended.
  3. I saw him right after the meeting ended.
  4. I saw him just after the meeting ended.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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