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Intermediate English Grammar (B2)

Reported Speech

Watch four videos using reported speech in conversation.

Conversation 1

Woman: Where is Susan? She told me she was coming over.
Man: She just texted me. She said she would be a little late.
Woman: Oh, really? What was the reason she gave?
Man: She said she is stuck in traffic.
Woman: Did she say how much longer it would take?
Man: She said it might take about 30 minutes.
Woman: Well, I hope she gets here soon. I'm starving.
Man: Me, too. She did say we could start without her.
Woman: No, we can wait. We can have a snack to hold us over.
Man: Good idea. I'll go get some crackers.

Conversation 2

Man: Have you heard? Beth got a promotion at work.
Woman: Really? Where did you hear that?
Man: Beth told me about it last night at dinner.
Woman: I heard that someone was getting promoted, I just didn't know who.
Man: Yeah, the company told her that she was being promoted last Friday.
Woman: That's great news. Did she say what her new role would be?
Man: She said that she would be leading a new team.
Woman: Wow. That's a big responsibility. Did she seem happy about it?
Man: Yes, she sounded thrilled for the opportunity.
Woman: I'm happy for her. Did she mention when she starts her new position?
Man: She said she would begin next month.
Woman: Well, when you see her, tell her I said congratulations.
Man: Will do.

Conversation 3

Man: I was talking to Yuki yesterday, and she said she's dropping out of school.
Woman: Wow! Why is she doing that?
Man: She said that she wants to take some time off to travel.
Woman: Really? Did she say where she's planning to go?
Man: She said that she wanted to visit Europe.
Woman: That sounds exciting. Did she say which country specifically?
Man: She mentioned Italy, France, and Spain as her top choices.
Woman: Those are beautiful destinations. I am so jealous.
Man: Me, too. She said she'd be thinking of us.
Woman: Funny.

Conversation 4

Man: I was told you were dating Jason. Congratulations!
Woman: Who told you that?
Man: Carol mentioned it to me yesterday.
Woman: What? I told her not to tell anyone.
Man: Well, she didn't say it was a secret.
Woman: Well, it was. Now everyone will know.
Man: I promise I won't tell anyone.
Woman: Thanks. If you see Carol, tell her I said to keep it quiet.
Man: I will. But maybe you better tell her yourself.
Woman: You're right. I'll text her right now. She has such a big mouth.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: There are many verbs in English we use to report the speech of another person.
  1. I heard that someone was getting promoted
  2. She say that you are leaving.
  3. Bill told me you are going back to school.
  4. Did she mention when she is coming back?
Point 2: The verb for the reported speech is connected to a "that clause" or noun clause.
  1. He said that he would be late.
  2. The newspaper reported that there will be a parade next week.
  3. He told me that he is not coming.
  4. He claimed that he had spent all of this money.
Point 3: In spoken English, the word "that" is often not said.
  1. He said he would be late.
  2. The newspaper reported there will be a parade next week.
  3. He told me he is not coming.
  4. He claimed he had spent all of this money.
Point 4: When reporting verbs are used for questions, the subject and verb are not inverted.
  1. Did he say when he is coming to the party?
    1. When is he coming to the party?
  2. Did he tell you why he is mad?
    1. Why is he mad?
Point 5 : The verbs "tell" and "ask" need an object. Most other reporting verbs do not.
  • He told me he was not hungry.
    • He said he was angry.
  • She askes me if I was tired.
    • She questioned if I a was tired.
Answer these questions about the interview.
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She said that she wanted to visit Europe.

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