English Course for Beginners - CEFR A2 - Lesson 1 of 25


Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

1) Comparing People

My mother and father are very different. My mom is older than my dad, but my dad looks older than my mom. My dad is more active because he plays sports. My mom is more talkative. She loves to talk with people. My dad is taller than my mom. My mom is shorter than my dad.

2) Comparing Places

Los Angeles and San Francisco are both in California, but they are very different. San Francisco is smaller than Los Angeles. It is also colder. Los Angeles is bigger than San Francisco, but San Francisco is more expensive. It is harder to find housing in San Francisco. I think San Francisco is a better place to live.

3) Comparing Movies

I think the old Star Wars movies are better than the new Star Wars movies. In the old movies, the characters were more interesting, and the story was faster. The new stories are more difficult to follow. I felt happier watching the old movies.

4) Comparing Food

I like Japanese food more than American food because it is healthier. Japanese meals are smaller and fresher than American meals. American food is more international, though, so I like that about it. Still, I think Japanese food tastes better.


Use the comparative to show that something has a greater quality of some trait compared to another subject.

One Syllable / -er

small – smaller - This book is smaller than that book.
cold – colder - Alaska is colder than Hawaii.
young – younger - You are younger than your parents.

One Syllable ends in /e/ -r

safe – safer - Japan is safer than most countries.
nice – nicer - The weather is nicer in summer.
close – closer - His house is closer to the airport than mine.

Consonant + Vowel + Consonant -(x)er

hot – hotter - It is usually hotter at noon than midnight.
big – bigger - My town is bigger than before.
fat – fatter - I am always a little fatter after the holidays.

Two Syllables end in /y/ -ier

happy – happier - I am happier now than before.
angry – angrier - The boss is angrier in the morning.
pretty – prettier - That shirt looked prettier on you.

Two or More Syllables >> more -

dangerous – more dangerous
The city is more dangerous now.
expensive – more expensive
Everything is more expensive these days.
difficult – more difficult
This test is more difficult than the last one.


good – better - Life was better before.
bad – worse - I am still sick. I feel worse than yesterday.

Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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