English Course for Beginners - CEFR A2 - Lesson 1 of 25


Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Woman: What is the fastest way to get to the airport?
Man: By taxi, but it’s the most expensive.
Woman: What’s the cheapest?
Man: The local bus. But, it's by far the slowest way to get there.
Woman: Hmm, I better spring for a taxi then.
Man: Yeah, it’s best if you do.

Conversation 2

Woman: What is the best place to visit in your country?
Man: I think the west coast. It has the best weather.
Woman: What about the cost?
Man: The costs are very high. Our most expensive cities are there.
Woman: Oh, that’s too bad. What about the food?
Man: It’s great. It has the best restaurants in the country.

Conversation 3

Woman: How was the movie last night?
Man: Oh, it was great. It was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.
Woman: Oh, really? That scary?
Man: Yes, I was screaming throughout the film.
Woman: Was it crowded?
Man: Yeah, it was the most packed I’ve ever seen the theater.

Conversation 4

Woman: What is the oldest city in your country?
Man: I think it is the capital.
Woman: Is it the biggest?
Man: It was, but not anymore.
Woman: Why are people moving out?
Man: Well, it’s not the most modern place to live.


Use the superlative to show that something has the highest quality of some trait within a group of subjects.

One Syllable -est

small – smallest - This is my smallest pan.
cold – coldest - Winter is the coldest time of the year.
young – youngest - This is my youngest sister.

One Syllable ends in /e/ -st

safe – safest - This is not the safest place to live.
nice – nicest - He is the nicest person in the office.
close – closest - This is the closest shop to my house.

Consonant + Vowel + Consonant -(x)est

hot – hottest - Florida is the hottest state in America.
big – biggest - Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan.
wet– wettest - April is the wettest month of the year.

Two Syllable ends in /y/ -iest

happy – happiest - I am happiest when I am at home.
angry – angriest - He is the angriest man I know.
pretty – prettiest - This is the prettiest part of town.

Two or More Syllables >> most --

dangerous – most dangerous
This is the most dangerous part of town.
expensive – most expensive
This is the most expensive restaurant in my city.
difficult – most difficult
This is the most difficult part of the test.


good – best - Do your best!
bad – worst - This was my worst performance.

Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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