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Although / While / Though

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.


Conversation 1

Woman: What do you think of the new cold medicine that the medical journal recommends?
Man: I'm a little skeptical. While some tests were done in clinical trials, I still think more research needs to be done with it.
Woman: It agree with that, though it was tested with a trusted laboratory.
Man: True, but I'd like to see more data on it, before giving it my seal of approval.
Woman: So, I guess we're not going to give it to customers just yet.
Man: No, not yet. Let's hold off a little longer until we have more information about it.
Woman: Sounds prudent. I think that's the right decision for now.

Conversation 2

Man: Hello, can I ask you some questions about this washing machine?
Woman: Sure, I don't know too much about it, but I can try.
Man: Well, my main concern is that it is worth the price.
Woman: Yes, it is a bit pricey, although it does come with a three-year warranty.
Man: Yeah, still, I think I want to shop around. I think I can find it cheaper elsewhere.
Woman: That's understandable. However, while other stores might have cheaper prices, they likely won't have free delivery, and free installation.
Man: OK, you've changed my mind. I'll take it.
Woman: Great! Please follow me to the register.

Conversation 3

Woman: Thanks for meeting me during your lunch break.
Man: My pleasure. I usually eat at my desk anyway.
Woman: Well, while I don't usually hold meetings this way, I find casual meetings often are the most productive.
Man: Agreed. So, what would you like to talk about?
Woman: I would like to talk about sales projections for next financial quarter.
Man: Well, while the economic forecast does not look great, I still think we can increase sales next quarter.
Woman: I like your positive attitude, although I think we should keep modest expectations.
Man: That's understandable. Let me pull up my data and show you what I've got.

Conversation 4

Man: So, how is job hunting going?
Woman: Good. I have a few offers. One from a big bank.
Man: That's great. I hear they pay high salaries.
Woman: Yes, but while the pay is great, the hours are very long and the job is stressful.
Man: Yeah, that's expected. What about the other job?
Woman: The other job is from a small startup in the health industry.
Man: Oh, that sounds interesting. How is the pay?
Woman: Well, while the pay's not great, the work seems interesting and I could be helping others.
Man: Well, it sounds like your mind is made up.
Woman: Yes, but it's hard to pass up all that money.

Concession - While, Although, Though

Point 1: With statements of concession, the speaker states both good and bad points about a subject.
  1. While most gyms are expensive, they can help people stay healthy and reduce medical costs.
  2. Though traveling can be daunting, it is a great way enrich a person’s life.
  3. Although the class was boring, it was very useful.
Point 2: While
The conjunction ‘while’ can show concession. The conjunction appears at the beginning of the sentence.
  1. While I like most Thai dishes, this one dish is too spicy for me.
  2. While the movie was very long, it was very interesting.
  3. While the city can be expensive for young people, it is a fun place to live.
Point 3: While (Concessions) vs. While (during, when)
The conjunction while has different uses, which can be confusing.
  1. While working from home is convenient, it is boring. (Concession)
  2. While working from home, I gained a lot of weight. (During)
  3. While cooking can be fun, it takes a lot of time. (Concession)
  4. While cooking, I burned my hand. (During)

The conjunction ‘while’ that appears mid-sentence always means ‘during’.

  • I hurt my hand while I was playing football.
Point 4: Although
The conjunction ‘although' can show concession. The conjunction can appear at the beginning or middle of the sentence.
  1. Although we were late to the meeting, we didn’t miss anything important.
  2. You can drive to the beach, although parking might be hard to find.
  3. Although fast food is unhealthy, it is cheap, convenient and tasty.
Point 5: Though
The conjunction ‘though’ can show concession. The conjunction can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of the sentence.
  1. Though the dish is a bit salty, it is really delicious.
  2. His book was very hard to read, though it was quite short.
  3. This software isn’t very easy to install. It is easy to use, though.

Notice that if though is used at the end of the second sentence, then the sentences are separated with a period, not a comma.

Answer these questions about the interview.


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Grammar Listening Practice

B2-21 Although / While / Though
B2-21 Although / While / Though
While the pay is great, the hours are very long

B2-22 Present Perfect Passive
B2-22 Present Perfect Passive
The hotel has been booked, and the invitations have been sent out.

B2-23 Future Perfect
B2-23 Future Perfect
I'll have been married 18 years next week.

B2-24 Future Perfect in the Past
B2-24 Future Perfect in the Past
No, it will have closed by now.

B2-25 Possibility and Likelihood
B2-25 Possibility and Likelihood
Well, it is unlikely anyone will lose their job.

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