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Present Perfect Passive

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.


Conversation 1

Man: So, do you think our tax refunds have been deposited?
Woman: I hope so. I heard it was sent on the 15th.
Man: Yeah, I still haven't been paid for my last job, so I really need it.
Woman: Why haven't you been paid?
Man: The project I was working on has not been completed yet. No one gets paid until it's finished.
Woman: I am sorry to hear that. That must be frustrating.
Man: Yeah, it's really frustrating because all of my work has been completed, but I need the others to finish before I get paid.
Woman: Well, in the meantime, let's hope our tax refund is there.

Conversation 2

Man: How is everything looking with the conference?
Woman: Good, the hotel has been booked, and the invitations have been sent out.
Man: Have the speakers been confirmed yet?
Woman: Yes, all but one has confirmed.
Man: What about the caterer? Food is very important at an event like this.
Woman: A contract has been signed by a local restaurant to provide food, but the menu has not been decided on yet.
Man: Well, if I have my say, I recommend a buffet. Everyone loves that.
Woman: Noted sir. I will look into it.
Man: Great. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Conversation 3

Woman: Hey, where is everyone? I thought the meeting was at one.
Man: It is. The room has been changed. It is now in conference room 5.
Woman: I see. Has everyone been notified? I didn't get a message.
Man: No, it was changed at the last minute. I've been told to stay here and tell people as they come in.
Woman: OK, will I see you up there?
Man: Yes, I will be up shortly.
Woman: OK, see you soon.

Conversation 4

Man: Maria, welcome back. It's so nice to see you again.
Woman: Thanks. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would stop by and say hello to everyone.
Man: Well, sadly some of the people you used to work with have been let go.
Woman: Oh, that is too bad. I see that Katie is still here though. That is good to see.
Man: Yes, she's been transferred to HR.
Woman: Oh, that's good. What about Bob over there?
Man: Oh, Bob, yeah, he's done alright for himself. He's been promoted to VP of sales.
Woman: Well, it's good to see that some things have been for the better.
Man: Yes, we've been downsized a bit, but we're still going strong.

Present Perfect Passive

Point 1: The present perfect passive shows action from the past to the present. The object becomes the subject, and the subject is not mentioned.
  1. A new mall has been built.
  2. The park has been renovated.
  3. The workers have been let go.
  4. My house has been remodeled.
Point 2: The auxiliary verbs (has and have) both can be contracted in spoken English.
  1. A new mall’s been built.
  2. The park’s been renovated.
  3. They’ve been let go.
  4. My house’s been remodeled.
Point 3: The original subject is often not mentioned because its reference is not needed, not known, or not important.
  1. The parking lot has been moved. (By some people)
  2. Some workers have been suspended. (By management)
  3. Classes has been canceled. (By the school)
  4. Some bank branches have been closed. (By the bank)
Point 4: The auxiliary verbs (has, have and been) are usually heavily reduced in spoken English.
  1. A new campaign has been launched.
  2. The computers have been updated.
  3. The mall has been closed for months.
  4. The gym has been expanded.
Answer these questions about the interview.


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Grammar Listening Practice

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While the pay is great, the hours are very long

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B2-22 Present Perfect Passive
The hotel has been booked, and the invitations have been sent out.

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I'll have been married 18 years next week.

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No, it will have closed by now.

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Well, it is unlikely anyone will lose their job.

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