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Japanese Festival

Yoko is answers questions about Japanese tradition and festivals.
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Todd: OK, Yoko we were just at a festival.

Yoko: Yeah!

Todd: Do you want to talk about festivals in Japan?

Yoko: Yes, OK. So, I think in Fall we have lots of kind of festivals, but it depends on the places.

Todd: What are some things that most festivals have, like, what can you see if you go to a Japanese festival?

Yoko: Omikoshi.

Todd: Omikoshi.

Yoko: Yes. Do you know the word?

Todd: I think so. What is Omikoshi?

Yoko: Ah, it's really difficult for me to explain in English, but Omokishi looks like a bigbox, lots of people, adult people try to carry together, and they usually go to temples, and they kind of celebrate a harvest or our happiness or those kind of things

Todd: OK. Do you ever carry the Omikoshi?

Yoko: Ah, you know, I'm not a strong guy so, I've never tried it.

Todd: OK. What about foods? What kind of foods do people like to eat?

Yoko: We can see lots of small shops along the street and we can buy really Japanese food, like watagashi, it's a really sweet candy but it looks like, how do you say that?

Todd: I don't know.

Yoko: I don't know. I don't know either. White small stuff.

Todd: White small stuff.

Yoko: Yeah. Sorry. You should see it. So it's watagashi or watame. It's really popular food in matsuri, and we can see okonomiyaki. Yeah, it's, somepeople say Japanese pancake, or something, but tastes different.

Yoko: It's not sweet.

Todd: It's not sweet.

Yoko: It's not sweet. So vegetables, meat, and some sauce.

Todd: Oh, wow! Sounds good.

Yoko: Yeah, I think so too. You should try it.

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We were just at a festival in Japan.

A 'festival' is a kind of celebration that usually has food, music, performances and maybe things for sale. Notice the following:

  1. The most important festival here is in January.
  2. Do you enjoy going to festivals?

adult people

It's like a big box that adult people try to carry together.

'Adult people' is just another way of saying 'adults' or people that are older than children. Notice the following:

  1. She spent a lot of time with adult people when she was a kid.
  2. This is more a show for adult people.

kind of

They kind of celebrate a harvest or happiness or those kind of things.

We use 'kind of' when the answer or description we are giving is not exact. Notice the following:

  1. I kind of want to stay in and relax.
  2. Is it kind of like a cake?


People like to eat this candy that looks like a pancake.

When you 'like' to do something you enjoy it or it gives you pleasure. Notice the following:

  1. He likes to play video games after work.
  2. Do you like to visit historical sites?

sounds good or try it

That sounds good; i think I should try it too.

If something 'sounds good' it seems like a good idea. If we taste or do something for the first time we are 'trying it.'  Notice the following:

  1. Does pizza sound good for dinner?
  2. I know you don't usually eat spicy food, but this curry is great, you should try it.

Vocabulary Quiz

festival • adult people • kind of
like • sounds good • try it
  1. She is more comfortable around than kids.
  2. We have a big problem.
  3. That looks like fun. I want to .
  4. I think that plan .
  5. The of lights is a beautiful ceremony.
  6. Do you to listen to music when you drive?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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