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London Tour

Jason gives some travel tips for people going to London.
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Todd: Hello, Jason. You're from England. Uh, where are you from in England?

Jason: I'm from South London.

Todd: Oh, cool. South London. Why don't you talk about that for awhile.

Jason: OK, well, London is a little bit colder that Japan, it's a little bit more expensive as well, so it is kind of nice to come here and spend my money.

Todd: So actually, you said South London right? Is that where Wimbleton is? South London?

Jason: Wimbleton, No! Wimbleton's in West London.

Todd: West London!

Jason: Yeah. South London isn't famous for much, really, apart from rude people like me.

Todd: So what's the difference between South London and West London and North London?

Jason: Yeah, there is a big difference between all the places in London. Everyone's got different accents. Everyone acts differently. England has a lot of different places. For example, in North England they'll have different accents, completely different accents, from South England and sometimes even different languages, like in Wales and Scotland, so.

Todd: So your accent is South London.

Jason: My accent is South London, yeah. Someone from North London would sound completely different from me, and West London and so on, so.

Todd: So is South London the best place to live?

Jason: Oh, yeah, of course. Actually, Central London would be but it is way too expensive, kind of like Tokyo.

Todd: OK. Were you born in South London?

Jason: Yeah, I was born in South London. Yeah. But, you know, I've been everywhere in England, so and believe me there's a lot of different places, everywhere is different, so .

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South London isn't famous for much.

A person or a place is 'famous' when a lot of people know about it.  A person or place can be famous for good or bad reasons.  Notice the following:

  1. She is famous for her difficult personality.
  2. His voice is what made him famous.

apart from

South London isn't famous for much apart from rude people.

'Other than' is another way to say 'apart from.'  The example sentence means that South London is famous for rude people and nothing else.  Notice the following:

  1. Apart from the fact that she is always late, you really can't say anything bad about her.
  2. I love Italian food, apart from pizza.


Everyone's got different accents.

Your 'accent' is the sound of your voice when you speak.  Even though people different parts of the world speak the same language they have a different accent because of where they are from.  Notice the following:

  1. After living in a different country for many years she had a very strange accent.
  2. In the movie he sounds American, but he actually has a strong British accent.


Everyone acts differently.

How you 'act' are your actions, what you do, and your personality.  Notice the following:

  1. You need to act like you don't know about the party.  It was going to be a surprise.
  2. She always acts like that when she likes a boy.

believe me

Believe me there's a lot of different places.

'Believe me' is a way to say 'trust me' or "I'm telling the truth."  Notice the following:

  1. Believe me.  You can find a better hotel than that!
  2. You never believe me when I tell you things.


Vocabulary Quiz

famous • apart from • accent
act • believe me
  1. Sometimes his is so strong that it's difficult to understand him.
  2. having dinner in a restaurant we didn't do anything special for our anniversary.
  3. He was a actor when he was younger, but he's retired now.
  4. I need you to like you don't know anything.
  5. I can't understand why you don't .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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