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House Description

Nicola talks describes her house back in Australia.
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Todd: OK. Nicola we are going to talk about your house in Australia?

Nicola: About my house!

Todd: Is that OK.

Nicola: It changes quite often.

Todd: OK. How about your last house? The last house you were at.

Nicola: OK.

Todd: Let's talk about the kitchen.

Nicola: Mm-hm.

Todd: OK. What was in the kitchen?

Nicola: There were a lot of paintings, actually!

Todd: Paintings in the kitchen.

Nicola: Paintings in the kitchen. Yeah!

Todd: Wow! That's really nice.

Nicola: But there were paintings and then the usual things, like a fridge, and an oven and kitchen utensils.

Todd: OK. Wow! What was in the living room?

Nicola: In the living room we had two couches, and a rug, and a big book shelf, and a bean bag.

Todd: A bean bag!

Nicola: Mm-hm.

Todd: So to sit in, you sit in the bean bag.

Nicola: Yeah, to sit down, lie, relax.

Todd: OK. Nice. What's in the bathroom?

Nicola: The bathroon we had -- it was a small bathroom. There was just a shower, and a basin, and a cupboard, that was about it.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!


How about your last house?

In the example your 'last house' refers to the house that you had before the one you live in now, or your most recent house.  Notice the following:

  1. I bought my last car from a friend.
  2. Where did you go for your last vacation?


The kitchen had a fridge, oven and kitchen utensils.

'Utensils' are tools that you use for cooking.  This includes knives, forks, spoons, spatula, etc.  Notice the following:

  1. We need to buy some plastic utensils for the party.
  2. What kind of utensils do you need to make cookies.


In the living room we had two couches.

A 'couch' is a large comfortable chair made for two or more people.  The seat is very soft and there are usually a lot of pillows.  Another word for couch is 'sofa.'  Notice the following:

  1. He spends most of the day on the couch watching television.
  2. We bought a new leather couch last weekend.

bean bag

You sit in a bean bag.

A 'bean bag' is a type of chair that is a huge cloth or leather bag filled with millions of tiny foam balls.  This chair can be shaped to fit your body.  Notice the following:

  1. She loves to read in her bean bag chair.
  2. The bean bag was so comfortable he fell asleep as soon as he sat down.

that was about it

A shower and a basin and a cupboard, that was about it.

'That was about it' means almost nothing else.  In the example this phrase is used for emphasis to explain that the bathroom was very basic.  Notice the following:

  1. He packed a swimsuit, sunscreen and a toothbrush and that was about it.
  2. I had about $10 in my pocket and that was about it.


Vocabulary Quiz

last • utensils • couch
bean bag • about it
  1. What do you have for mixing this together?
  2. Most days he just sits in his and plays video games.
  3. We bought a matching and chair for the living room.
  4. On vacation we sat by the pool and went swimming in the ocean and that was .
  5. The pet I had was a fish when I was 10.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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