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The Outfit

Jessica describes what she is wearing and where she bought it.
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Todd: Jessica, I see you're wearing a cute outfit!

Jessica: Thanks Todd

Todd: OK, so where did you get you clothes?

Jessica: Well, I got these in the states actually, and if you ever want to borrow them you can?

Todd: Thanks, thanks. I think we're maybe not the same size.

Jessica: Right, right, a little different. Yeah, the slippers are kind of a nice touch to it. We have to wear slippers where we work, so even though we work inside a university building, and we go outside actually, everything's in slippers.

Todd: OK, so you got the slippers in the states?

Jessica: Yeah, I got the slippers in, because my feet are so humongous that I would not be able to get.

Todd: They're not that big!

Jessica: There size ten.

Todd: Ooh, that's

Jessica: That's pretty big.

Todd: Yeah, Yeah OK. Well, they look comfortable.

Jessica: They are. They are. They're like clogs.

Todd: OK, and where, the pants?

Jessica: Express

Todd: Express is a store?

Jessica: Is a store, in America, yeah. Just a, kind of, they're business, business casual.

Todd: How much did you pay?

Jessica: Ooh, too much I think! About 50 dollars U.S.

Todd: for pants?

Jessica: For pants, but they're

Todd: I've never paid 50 dollars for pants in my entire life.

Jessica: No! Really!

Todd: Well it shows, my fashion sense. And your shirt, your blouse?

Jessica: I got it from, from, Learners, which is also another store in the states, and this was like actually 35 dollars.

Todd: 35 dollars! You spend a lot of money on clothes.

Jessica: No, I don't though. I just, for business clothes. You have to have professional looking clothes so.

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I see you're wearing a cute outfit.

An 'outfit' is a combination of clothes that you put on your body.Notice the following:

  1. This is one of my favorite outfits.
  2. I need to buy an new outfit for the party on Saturday.

nice touch

The slippers are kind of a nice touch to it.

A 'nice touch' means a good addition, or an addition that makes something better than it was before. Notice the following:

  1. Her accessories always add a nice touch.
  2. The flowers on the table are a nice romantic touch.


My feet are so humongous, I won't be able to get a pair of slippers easily.

If something is 'humongous' it is really, really big. Notice the following:

  1. Living in countries where people are really short makes me feel humongous.
  2. These sandwiches are humongous.

entire life

I've never paid $50 for pants in my entire life.

Your 'entire life' is your whole life or the whole time you have been alive. Notice the following:

  1. He spent hi entire life studying and learning.
  2. They have lived in this town for their entire lives

fashion sense

It only shows my fashion sense.

A 'fashion sense' is an idea or opinion about what looks good together. Notice the following:

  1. He developed a fashion sense when he was very young and always went shopping for his own clothes.
  2. She has an interesting fashion sense and wears a lot of things that would look terrible on other people.


Vocabulary Quiz

outfits • nice touch • humongous
entire life • fashion sense
  1. I have wanted to go to Paris my .
  2. That suitcase is and there's no way I can lift it.
  3. Her friends gave her many new for her baby.
  4. My changed a lot after I went away to university.
  5. Just a little color with that outfit would be a .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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