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The Visa

Lucinda talks about the process of getting a visa for her boyfriend for New Zealand.

Todd: So, Lucinda you were saying that your boyfriend Kwame really likes New Zealand, so are you guys going to move back to New Zealand.

Lucinda: Yes, we're actually leaving at the end of this month on the 30th of November.

Todd: Oh, really, you're moving. He's moving for good?

Lucinda: Yes, yes, we're both moving there to work.

Todd: So, was it difficult for him to get a visa or is it quite easy to go to New Zealand?

Lucinda: They have a lot of things they want you to have before you can apply for the visa such as you need to prove that you're living together, certain things like that.

Todd: You mean for a couple you have to show...

Lucinda: Right, right, because his visa is under partnership. If he was going in under working then he would have to show that he had work in New Zealand, but since it's under partnership, and event hough it's a work visa, he doesn't need to have work in New Zealand as long as it's under partnership and he has to prove that he's been living with me for one year and that we have a stable relationship, etc, etc.

Todd: Wow, how do you prove that you've been living together? What kind of things do they do?

Lucinda: We have to show a letter from the person that owns the apartment that we live in and we also have to show photos of us together from different times. We also have to have letters from friends. I think we had altogher maybe twenty letters from friends and family from both my side and his side and basically saying that we've been together for a certain amount of time and that they recommend the visa, etc, etc. Yeah, quite complicated.

Todd: What about the paperwork process? Is it pretty easy or is it difficult?

Lucinda: The paperwork's very easy. Apart from the house certificate we have to go and give them I think six vials of blood and get as many medical eximinations as you can think possible. Apart from that, the actual filling out of forms is very easy. There's only, I think, a number of pages, because there's no children involved or other people involved. It's only him and me so there's only a few pages actually to fill out on forms.

Todd: OK, and he has to have a medical examination just to make sure that he doesn't have...

Lucinda: He doesn't have any illnesses that New Zealand doesn't have or certain tests to see if he's fit, I guess. I don't know why they do that, but they like to know that someone doesn't have any too serious health problems, because once you go to New Zealand they have quite good health care system, so they don't want to be taking on some person that's just going to New Zealand for certain health care benefits.

Todd: Well, that's great that you guys are going together and good luck with your life in New Zealand.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

for good

We're moving there to work, so we're leaving for good.

Here, 'for good' means permanently. Notice the following:

  1. He lost his license for good, because his eyesight was so bad.
  2. I finally quit smoking for good three years ago.

stable relationship

Under a partnership visa, we have to prove that we have a stable relationship.

If you are in a 'stable relationship,'  it means that you are committed to the other person and are not breaking up and getting back together all the time. Notice the following:

  1. This is the first stable relationship she's ever had.
  2. They aren't married, but they have been in a stable relationship for 15 years.

side (of the family)

We presented letters from friends and family from both my side and his side.

In a relationship, your 'side of the family' refers to your parents, siblings and extended family, but your in-laws or your partner's family are not included. Your 'side' is who you are genetically related to. Notice the following:

  1. Where does your side of the family live?
  2. We are spending Christmas with my husband's side of the family this year.

paperwork process

The paperwork process was very easy, because there's no children involved.

The 'paperwork process' includes the documents that you have to fill out in a specific order to complete a legal task. Notice the following:

  1. Getting into university is a long paperwork process.
  2. What is the paperwork process like to get a new driver's license?


We had to give like six vials of blood and had a lot of medical examinations.

A 'vial' is a small, glass container that is used to collect scientific samples, in this case blood. Notice the following:

  1. We keep all of these vials in the medical freezer.
  2. First, you are going to put two drops of this liquid in each of the vials.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

good • relationship • side
paperwork • vials
  1. There is a huge process to get a work permit.
  2. We will have almost 200 people at our wedding, because my of the family is huge.
  3. A few of the glass were broken when the table fell over.
  4. How much longer do you plan to travel before you come home for ?
  5. Even though you have a few problems, I think you have a very stable .

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