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What's for Lunch?

Tom and Martin talk about what they like to eat for lunch.

Tom: What did you have for lunch?

Martin: I had a chicken bento.

Tom: You brought it from home?

Martin: No, I bought it here on campus.

Tom: In the cafe?

Martin: Yes.

Tom: How was it?

Martin: It was ok. It's better than most of the other food here and it wasn't too expensive.

Tom: Do you eat here a lot.

Martin: I try not to.

Tom: Why not?

Martin: It's a little more expensive and the quality isn't quite as good as I'd hope for the value.

Tom: More expensive than where?

Martin: More expensive than a small restaurant or a specialized chicken place down in town.

Tom: Really? I agree with you about the quality but I thought it was quite cheap up here.

Martin: I just find I can find a little better deal sometimes in town and a lot better quality for about the same price.

Tom: So about lunch, do you have lunch here?

Martin: Often? No.

Tom: What do you do for lunch?

Martin: I usually go home and eat. I'm not on campus that often.

Tom: Ok, yeah. 'Cause I kind of get stuck up here from morning until evening so I'm eating there everyday.

Martin: Everyday. Sorry to hear that.

Tom: What do you do for dinner, do you cook?

Martin: Yes I do, most often, usually just easy beef stir-fries or now and then go out...

Tom: Like chinese-style.

Martin: Yeah. Easier to cook than Japanese-style.

Tom: Do you shop everyday or do you go shopping once a week.

Martin: I usually shop every other day.

Tom: Ok. So you like fresh food.

Martin: Yes.

Tom: Do you live on your own.

Martin: Yes. How about you?

Tom: Oh yeah, I live on my own.

Martin: That's always better sometimes.

Tom: With my cooking, it's not better that I live on my own.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!!


I had a chicken bento for lunch, and it was good.

'Bento' is a Japanese meal which is served in a painted box that has been divided into different sections for the different types of food. Notice the following:

  1. I think a seafood bento sounds amazing right now.
  2. There is a Japanese kiosk down the street that has great bento lunch specials.


It's more expensive here than at that specialized chicken place in town.

A restaurant that is 'specialized' has only a few things on their menu, but they are famous for making those things. Notice the following:

  1. In the past, this company specialized in camping equipment, but now they make all different things.
  2. It would be better if you went to a specialized bicycle shop.

quite cheap

I thought the food was quite cheap up here.

Something that is 'quite cheap' is pretty inexpensive. It doesn't cost very much money. Notice the following:

  1. If you come during a sale, you can find really nice things for quite cheap.
  2. This apartment is small, but it's quite cheap, so I'm fine with it.

a better deal

For a lot better quality for about the same price, I find it a better deal.

When something is a 'good deal,' you feel as though you are getting good quality for the money you are paying for it. If you get a good deal at one place, and then you find a place with a lower price and higher quality, you have found a 'better deal.' Notice the following:

  1. The other car is actually a better deal.
  2. I actually found a better deal on flights than what I already told you about.

get stuck up here

I get stuck up here all day, so I eat lunch at the campus everyday.

When you 'get stuck' in a place, it means that you can't leave for some reason. Notice the following:

  1. One of the employees never came into work, and i got stuck up there all day.
  2. Call if you need anything. I don't want you to feel like you are just stuck up here all day.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

bento • specialized • cheap
deal • stuck up
  1. This is a vegetarian restaurant, so they don't use meat in anything.
  2. What all comes in the lunch?
  3. Make sure you bring your phone, so you don't get on the mountain if there's an accident.
  4. After they lowered the price again, the house seemed like a much better .
  5. These shoes were quite and they're really comfortable.

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