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New Baby - New Life

Simon talks about how his routine has changed now that he is a father.

Todd: So, Simon, I have to congratulate you. I hear you have new child.

Simon: That's right.

Todd: Wow. You're a papa. (Yeah) So what's it like being a father?

Simon: Well, it is a completely different lifestyle than before - Papahood, parenthood. Yeah, so, yeah. Life totally changes.

Todd: Like how so? How has your life changed?

Simon: Well, I don't get as much sleep as I used to because as newborn babies they get all the time. They poop all the time. They want to eat all the time, so I change diapers, I feed a bottle. You got to carry it all the time if he's feeling lonely. I have a son by the way. It requires a lot of attention and of course, you want to be with your baby so that helps.

Todd: Now, since you had your child, your routine has changed, but have your felt that your personility has changed?

Simon: I don't think so. People don't change that easily. You just adjust to a new factor in your life, so maybe I put more priority on things like money and time spent.

Todd: Right. Fair enough. Fair enough.

Simon: So, like what's a typical day. What do you do on a typical day with your baby, like from morning to night?

Todd: Well, for one, it's got to be said, I'm the father so I don't have as much to do as his mother but when I work, you know I'm the bread-winner so my job is to make money so that I can buy all the stuff that he needs.

Simon: On my day off, basically I wake up, let my better-half have breakfast and I take care of him that way. Change his diaper. Do little stuff like that. Then, yeah, it's basically, it's actually quite monotonous really, you just change the diaper, feed, relax, change the diaper, feed, play, relax. It's kind of like a cycle but you know, when he smiles at me then it's all worth it.

Todd: Cool man.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


Parents don't get to sleep as much as their newborn babies do.

A 'newborn' is a baby that has been born very recently, like within the last 3 or 4 months. Notice the following:

  1. Here are pictures of him when he was a newborn.
  2. It's easy to forget how small newborns really are.


Just about all that a baby does is sleep, wake up, eat, and poop.

'Poop' is an informal name for feces, which is the solid waste that comes out of our body after our bodies use the food we eat. Notice the following:

  1. The baby pooped, and it really smells.
  2. I think you stepped in dog poop. Check your shoes.


There are times when you just have to adjust to another new factor in your life.

A 'factor' is an element that contributes to a situation and why it is the way it is. Notice the following:

  1. A number of factors make it hard for me to study at home.
  2. There are many factors in her life that make it difficult for her to commit to anything.

the bread-winner

I don't do as much with the baby, but I'm the father and I'm the bread-winner.

The 'bread-winner' is the person who makes the money or the most money for the house. Notice the following:

  1. Who is the bread-winner in your house?
  2. My husband stayed home with the children and let me be the bread-winner.


On my days off, though, I let my better-half have a break and I take care of the baby.

'Better-half' is an affectionate term that people use to refer to their husband, wife or serious partner. Notice the following:

  1. Have you seen my better-half?
  2. I had known him for almost three years before I met his better half.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

newborn • poop • factors
bread-winner • better-half
  1. Do you think it's strange when the woman is the in the family?
  2. If you want to have an outdoor concert, there are many more you will have to keep in mind.
  3. He never goes anywhere without his .
  4. It takes a few weeks to train a dog to go outside the house.
  5. She has a , so she almost never gets enough sleep.

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