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Delivery Day

Simon talks about the day his son was born and what it was like for him and his wife.

Todd: So, Simon, how old is your son now?

Simon: He's just over three months now.

Todd: OK, so it should be pretty fresh in your memory. Do you remember what it was like the day he was born?

Simon: Yeah, sure. I was in the operating room.

Todd: No kidding. The delivery room.

Simon: In the delivery room. Not the operating room. Sorry. Well, the do operate, kind of, but the delivery room so.

Todd: Well, let's go to the very beginning, like your at home, like what happened?

Simon: So I was, as usual it happens when you never expect it, and it came a couple of days earlier than we thought, and she had labor pains at about 4 o'clock in the morning.

Simon: Then we took her to the hospital. I took a couple pictures of her, just for the buddies, "Hey, look at my better half in pain.

Todd: Right. So you got the hospital by car, by taxi. Were you driving fast?

Simon: I think we went by car and then I said, and then I went back home to get breakfast and then because labor usually takes a long time so I thought we'd have time but, I went home for breakfast and and went back to the hospital and she was already on the table in the delivery room table.

She was quite fast. It took about three hours I guess which is on the quick side of delivery but when I saw here she was a total different person. She was like not a real human being because the pain was so hard, like delirious or subconcious but I think all woman are like that because I saw a couple other women and they looked like they were zombies. That's why I said, like they say women have a higher threshold for pain. It's true. I think men would die.

Todd: Right. Right.

Simon: But having said that, it was quite a mind-boggling experience, you know, like all of a sudden there's this little putple lump in front of you and it goes to purple to skin color before your eyes. (Wow) Yeah, and yeah, it's awake. A human being.

Todd: So the baby cries instantly when comes out.

Simon: I don't think it really cries that much. It doesn't have that image that many of us have that the doctor slaps the, and then cries like a baby, but yeah, maybe it whimpers a little bit every now and then. It's for the most part, quiet.

Todd: Well, I'm sure it was an amazing day. That's cool. Thanks Simon.

Simon: Yeah, no problem.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

fresh in your memory

Your son is only three months old, so his birth must still be fresh in your memory.

When something is 'fresh in your memory,' it means that you have recently thought about it, experienced it or learned about it. Notice the following:

  1. I want you to tell me about the meeting when it is all still fresh in your memory.
  2. Let's review this again while the subject is still fresh in your memory.

labor pains

My wife had labor pains at about 4 o'clock in the morning.

'Labor pains' are the intense pains that a woman feels when she is about to have a baby. Notice the following:

  1. What do labor pains feel like?
  2. Her labor pains started almost 20 hours before the baby was born.


I thought my wife looked delirious because of the pain.

When you are 'delirious' you are kind of crazy or not acting like yourself. This is usually because you are excited, enthusiastic, or, in this case, because of pain. Notice the following:

  1. She was absolutely delirious after she won the lottery.
  2. You are kind of delirious. I think you need to get some sleep.


I would have to say it was quite a mind-boggling experience.

If something is 'mind-boggling,' it is difficult to comprehend. Notice the following:

  1. The ocean is so big it is almost mind-boggling.
  2. It is mind-boggling how much garbage we create each year.


The baby whimpers a little bit every now and then, but it's quiet for the most part.

A 'whimper' is like a very quiet whine or cry. A dog would whimper if it wants to go outside. Notice the following:

  1. Hold on a second. The baby is whimpering, and I need to go check on her.
  2. Our new puppy was whimpering all night, so I barely slept at all.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

memory • labor • delirious
mind-boggling • whimpering
  1. Did the doctor give you medication to help with the pains?
  2. I knew my dog had really hurt his leg, because he kept .
  3. The whole experience of buying a house is just . I never thought it would happen.
  4. It would be better to take your exam now, while all of the information is still fresh in your .
  5. My son gets a little when he gets overly tired.

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