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Wedding Day

James talks about his sister's wedding in England.

Wendi: Talk about the best wedding you've ever been to and if you can kind of think about what it was and and what the atmosphere was like when you walked in.

James: OK, the actual wedding ceremony?

Wendi: Yeah, sure.

James: OK.

Wendi: Tell me about it.

James: Now?

Wendi: Yeah.

James: My sister's wedding. It was in a small village church near her house. I was giving her away, so it was wonderful. We walked into the church, and I led her down the aisle and they were listening to, they didn't have traditional music. They had Beattles music playing.

Wendi: Really.

James: And it was really beautiful and yeah, it was an amazing wedding.

Wendi: Yeah.

Pause 1

James: She looked absolutely stunning and my family were there, just close friends of my sister and then after the wedding they had the reception at my sister's back garden.

Wendi: Right.

James: And it was just wonderful.

Wendi: That sounds really beautiful.

James: No fuss, just really easy. Just a big family gathering and it was really, really a lovely day. It rained all day as well.

Wendi: Did it really?

James: And it made no difference whatsoever.

Wendi: Wow, that sounds pretty special.

James: Yeah, the next-door neighbors did all the food and they were caterers so the food was magnificent.

Wendi: Wow.

James: It was special because of the atmosphere rather than anything else? It didn't cost much money, but it was just perfect.

Wendi: That sounds beautiful.

Pause 2

Wendi: So what was it like to give away your sister, like do you feel that as being a big responsibility.

James: Yeah, I was really ch**ffed when she asked me. It really, really meant a lot so, cause she had a difficult decision to choose who to give her away, so yeah it was a really big, yeah, it was a real big honor to do. And, it's an easy thing to do. You walk down the aisle and you sit down and that's it.

Pause 3

Wendi: What's your best kind of memory from that whole wedding - that whole experience?

James: Ah, seeing my sister in her wedding dress, that morning. She just looked so beautiful.

Wendi: Yeah.

James: And also seeing how nervous my brother-in-law was before the wedding in the pub. He was so nervous and it was really sweet and also because it's a village and she's a hairdresser, all the old ladies had come and stood outside the church to have a look at her.

Wendi: Oh, that's so awesome.

James: And to wish her luck on the way in.

Wendi: That's really cool

James: Cause it was only for family, really and they'd all come to see her in bride's gown.

Wendi: Oh that sounds really special.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

give her away

My sister's wedding was in a small village, and I was giving her away.

At a wedding, the bride's family usually 'gives her away' to the groom. It is a way of saying that the groom has the blessing to marry the bride, and that she is now his responsibility. Notice the following:

  1. I always cry at weddings when the father gives the daughter away.
  2. At the beginning of the wedding, the bride's family gives her away.


My sister looked absolutely stunning at her wedding.

'Absolutely' has the same meaning as 'completely.' Notice the following:

  1. He has absolutely no extra time today.
  2. The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely incredible.


It rained all day but it made no difference whatsoever.

When something 'makes no difference whatsoever,' it 'makes no difference at all.' The fact that it rained all day did not have an effect on whether it was a good or bad day. Notice the following:

  1. Do you have any idea whatsoever about where we are now?
  2. I don't want you to do anything whatsoever. Just sit here and relax.

next-door neighbors

The next-door neighbors did all the food for the wedding.

Your 'next-door neighbors' are the people who live in the the houses on either side of your house. Notice the following:

  1. How well do you know your next-door neighbors?
  2. The next-door neighbors had a big party last night, and it was really difficult to sleep.


These people who did the food were caterers, so the food was magnificent.

'Caterers' are people who prepare and serve food at an event. Notice the following:

  1. We are hiring caterers for the party, so we don't have to worry about that.
  2. Working as a caterer is a great job for a college student.


My sister chose me to give her away, so that was a real big honor to do.

Something that is an 'honor' to do is a privilege. You feel special, because you get to do it. Notice the following:

  1. What an honor to finally meet you in person.
  2. It truly was an honor to have you come today.

Vocabulary Quiz

away • absolutely • whatsoever
neighbors • caterers • honor
  1. Let's go to a restaurant for dinner. There's no food in the house, and I don't feel like shopping.
  2. All of the in this company are hard-working and professional.
  3. There is no reason for you to be this angry.
  4. My uncle was crying when he gave his daughter .
  5. It's a real to receive an award like that.
  6. My next-door just got a really cute new dog.
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