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700 Business Travel
700 Business Travel
Lisa shares her thoughts about business travel.

699 Getting Lost
699 How Not To Get Lost
Greg gives advice on getting around in a foreign place.

698 Drinks
698 Favorite Drinks
Lisa talks about three drinks and their health benefits.

697 Hong Kong
697 Hong Kong
Adrienne talks about Hong Kong and her recent visit.

696 Family Traits
696 Family Traits
Adrienne talks about the different personalities in her family.

695 Global Family
695 The Global Family
Adrienne's discusses her global family.

694 Jewlery
694 Jewels, Gems, and Stones
Adrienne talks about what jewelry she likes to wear.

693 Jewelry
693 Making Jewelry
Adrienne talks about making her own jewelry and how she got started.

692 Jewelry
692 Collecting Jewelry
Adrienne talks about her interest in jewelry.

691 Party
691 The Bachelorettte Party
Rachel discusses the bachelorette party.

690 Hair
690 Fashion and Piercings
Rina shares with Wendi how she keeps herself looking good.

689 Beauty Secrets
689 Beauty Secrets
Rina talks about her legs, her eyes, and make-up.

688 The Fan
688 The Fan
Ken talks about his favorite team, cheerleaders and good teammates.

687 Basketball
687 Basketball Superstars
Ken talks about the stars of the NBA and why they are good.

686 Cool Comedians
686 Cool Comedians
Ken and Wendi talk about famous comedians in the U.S.

685 Dinner
685 Dinner
Adrienne talks about dinner and eating out.

684 Lunch
684 Lunch
Adrienne talks about lunch and shares her favorite burger.

683 Breakfast
683 Breakfast
Adrienne discusses breakfast and what she sometimes makes.

682 Traditional Wedding
682 The Traditional Wedding
Rachel discusses a large, traditional wedding she attended.

681 Nature Wedding
681 The Nature Wedding
Rachel talks about a unique wedding.

680 Wedding Prep
680 Wedding Prep
Wendi and Rachel talk about weddings.

679 Dream Job
679 Dream Job
Jeff talks about the kind of company he wants.

678 Odd JOb
678 Odd Job
Jeff talks about an odd job he had when he was younger.

677 Medicine Man
677 Medicine Man
Jeff talks about one odd job that had in the medical profession.

676 How to pitch a movie
676 How to Pitch a Film
Jeff talks about the process of trying to sell his film.

675 Maiking a Film
675 Pros-Cons of Film Making
Jeff looks back on the film he made.

674 Making a Film
674 Making a Film
Jeff recently made a film with his brothers.

673 American Show
673 Best American TV Show
Wendi and Ken discuss a successful TV show in America.

672 TV Shows
672 TV Shows
Wendi and Ken talk about watching TV as a youngster.

671 Movies
671 Movies, Love, Dinosaurs
Wendi talks with Ken about his favorite movies.

670 Why People Get Married
670 Why people get married?
James and Wendi discuss the idea of marriages.

669 The Wedding Dress
669 The Wedding Dress
James talks about his sister's wedding dress.

668 The Wedding Day
668 Wedding Day
James talks about his sister's wedding in England.

666 Rina's Tattoo
667 Tattoo Reaction
Rina talks about how people often react to her tattoos.

665 Rina's Tattoo
665 Rina's Next Tattoo
Rina talks about the next tattoos she plans to get.

664 Rina's Tattoo
664 Rina's First Tattoo
Rina talks about the first tattoos.

663 Gun Incident
663 The Gun Incident
Aaron talk about a time he had to deal with a hand gun.

662 Bad People
662 The Good with the Bad
Aaron alks about the good and bad of being a bouncer.

661 Bouncer
661 The Bouncer
Aaron talks about being a bouncer.

660 Signs and Stars
660 Signs of the Stars
Deanne talks about astrology.

659 Learning Languages
659 Learning Languages
Deanne gives language learning tips.

658 Languages
658 Working with Languages
It is Deanne's job to work with languages.

657 Steroids
657 Steroids
Wendi and Todd talk about steroids in sports.

656 Plastic Surgery
656 Plastic Surgery
Wendi and Todd talk about plastic surgery.

655 Makeovers
655 Makeovers
Wendi talks about strange people at their station.

654 Ultimate
654 Ultimate Frisbee Part 2
Wendi talks about more about Ultimate Frisbee.

653 Frisbee
653 Ultimate Frisbee Part 1
Wendi talks about her love for sports and Ultimate Frisbee.

652 Clothes and Colors
652 Clothes and Colors
Wendi and Todd talk about their favorite colors.

651 Cirle of Friends
651 Circle of Friends
Keiko explains why circles are so importantin Japan.

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