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Wedding Prep

Wendi and Rachel talk about weddings.

Wendi: So, yeah, I wanna talk about wedding experiences and one of the best wedding.

Rachel: The best wedding I've ever gone to was probably my friend, well, OK, wait, hold on, pause it for a second.

Wendi: No worries because

Rachel: What is our scale of best? Like most fun? Most emotional?

Wendi: That's a good question. I guess what ever was the most kind of rewarding wedding you've ever attended. And I guess you have to chose that based on your scale.

Rachel: What are the questions going to be so I can think of how to break it down.

Wendi: Anything. It's totally random usually.

Rachel: Oh, OK.

Wendi: It's totally random. And actually, it's even good for the listener's for the people that are going to be listening to hear you thinking in your mind, like, "Ah," I don't really know. Just total natural conversation.

Rachel: No cause like there are three weddings where I can think of: The Wiccan wedding. My friend Amanda's wedding which was just massive. There as like 13 bridesmaids and thirteen and the other one that was on a ship.

Wendi: Wow. Was it like on a cruise boat kind of thing, or?

Rachel: Not a cruise boat. It was a smaller kind of like sail boat, sailing around the Netherlands.

Wendi: That sounds crazy. Was it like a super quaint wedding kind of thing?

Rachel: No, it was kind of like a metal wedding.

Wendi: A metal wedding?

Rachel: Yeah.

Wendi: What do you mean?

Rachel: Well, it was a whole bunch of metal heads on a boat...

Wendi: Seriously?

Rachel: Eating vegetarian food.

Wendi: That sounds crazy.

Rachel: Yeah it was pretty brilliant.

Wendi: Wow. So out of all of the weddings you've been ever experienced in your whole life does anyone kind of ring out to you at all as that's the wedding I want to have.

Rachel: No.

Wendi: No.

Rachel: First off, I think I would elope.

Wendi: OK.

Rachel: And then just throw kind of like big parties all over the world because I have a feeling that my wedding would pretty much be international.

Wendi: Right.

Rachel: I think that, well the ceremony, I don't even know what kind of a traditional per se ceremony that I would want.

Wendi: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah, I think I'd rather it just be a private more intimate thing between me and whoever I'd be marrying.

Wendi: Right.

Rachel: And then just have a party for everybody to celebrate it with.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


What is our scale of best, like being most fun or being most emotional?

Here, 'scale' refers to how something is being assessed or compared. Notice the following:

  1. The scale for this next section is 'most memorable.'
  2. How funny is this movie on a a scale of one to ten?


The best one would be the most kind of rewarding wedding you've ever attended.

Something that is 'rewarding' is a valuable experience and is worth your time. Notice the following:

  1. Did you think the class was rewarding?
  2. Volunteering is a very rewarding experience for everyone.

break it down

What are the questions going to be so I can think of how to break it down?

When you 'break something down,' you divide it into more manageable pieces. Notice the following:

  1. Right now the task seems difficult to manage, but if you break it down, it will seem much easier.
  2. The best way to complete this is to break it down and do a little bit each day.

totally random

The questions are totally random, and it's just total natural conversation.

Something that is 'totally random' has no order at all. Notice the following:

  1. Many students have problems in his class, because it seems that the information is totally random.
  2. The way we choose people to answer questions is totally random.

metal head

It was a whole bunch of metal heads on a boat eating vegetarian food.

In this case, 'metal heads' refers to people who listen to heavy metal music, which is music with a lot of screaming, guitars and drums. Notice the following:

  1. I didn't know you were a metal head. That doesn't fit your personality at all.
  2. Some of the funniest pictures of him are from when he was a metal head in college.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

scale • rewarding • breaking
random • metal heads
  1. It must feel to get a good grade on your exam after you studied for it.
  2. Some of the comments that she makes are totally .
  3. Most of the people at the concert were extreme .
  4. Using beauty as a , what's the most incredible place you have ever been?
  5. She is very good at down what she needs to do every day and getting it done.

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