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Favorite Drinks

Lisa talks about three drinks and their health benefits.

Adrienne: So, Lisa, what is that you're drinking?

Lisa: Oolong tea. Iced oolong tea.

Adrienne: Is it your favorite drink?

Lisa: It's not really my favorite drink. My favorite drink is Diet Coke. I love Diet Coke, but a couple of years ago, I was drinking only Diet Coke and started to realize that that probably was not the healthiest thing for me to be drinking, so I switched to oolong tea.

Adrienne: What are the benefits?

Lisa: So there is a couple of benefits. One benefit which I really like is that it absorbs fat, or when you're eating foods that are high in fat and drinking it with oolong for some reason it absorbs some of the fat, so there have been studies that prove that oolong tea does contribute to weight loss, and that's why if you go to a lot of Chinese restaurants they'll always serve tea with the meal and most likely it's oolong tea cause for some reason it absorbs fat, plus oolong tea also has anti-oxidants, which are cancer fighting and makes it so much healthier, so it fights fat and cancer.

Adrienne: So now you only drink oolong tea?

Lisa: Well, in my research on the most healthiest drink, I also found that green tea was even healthier than oolong tea, so now I drink oolong tea, green tea, and always a bit of diet coke.

Adrienne: So what are the benefits of green tea?

Lisa: Green tea, also, I think it has more anti-oxidants. They did a study of green tea and found that people who drink green tea lost more weight than people who weren't drinking green tea, so anything that either absorbs fat and contributes to weight loss is a drink for me.

Adrienne: OK, but I thought green tea had a lot of caffeine in it, so I thought actually that green tea was maybe is not the best tea to be drinking.

Lisa: That's what a lot of people think actually, and in fact, green tea, so if you look at on a scale of drinks like tea and coffee and green tea and oolong tea, the drink that has the lest amount of caffeine is actually green tea and that is because it's not processed. The leaves are just dried. Then the next drink that has more caffeine is oolong tea because the leaves are semi-processed. After that, the next drink that has more caffeine is coffee actually, obviously everyone know coffee has a lot of caffeine, but the drink that has the most caffeine is English tea.

Adrienne: Very interesting. I learned a lot from you today.

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