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Thai Tsunami

Tarta talks about how she responded to the 2006 Tsunami.

Todd: Hello, can you introduce yourself please?

Tarta: Yes. My name is Tarta, I am from Thailand. I live in the southern part, in the east coast.

Todd: So Tarta, you were in Thailand when you had the "tsunami"?

Tarta: Yes, I was right back from my Laos trip with my family on the way, because we drive car. We go by car to Laos and then on the way back, then we drive back on to the Seven. Then we saw on the news on television that like the "tsunami" hit on the west coast and first we thought like we watching the documentary, that it is somewhere else, not in Thailand but then suddenly it is getting more serious and then ... it's a really sad story ... and 26 it happened and 27, because living not really far away from Phuket and also I really want to go and help them. But then my Dad didn't allow me because they say the 27 it gonna have the aftershock, so we wait until the 28th. And then my uncle, my Dad's friend, he have a small company and he really want to help so brought two vans, with one van full of food, like lunchbox for maybe 300 packs, and then lots of necessary stuff like the medicines or water and all those kinds of stuff. So we drove to Phuket and then tried to, you know, distribute all the food as much as we can, even though we have no idea where we are. actually that time there were not many volunteers still, so we were following ... follow with the other radio staff, local radio staff who really want to help as well. So we went up into the hills, where the people move up because they are afraid of the "aftershock". So we went there and then there were, like, our villagers around 210 people who were waiting for food because they ... they were living there without any food or water for two days already. So we went there, like, try to provide as much as we can, like all the food that we had and then it was very sad because what you see, it's like nothing from T.V. you know.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson



My dad didn't allow me to go.

When we are not allowed to do something that means it's not OK.  Note the following:

  1. She is not allowed to use the computer.
  2. You are not allowed to smoke inside.



We tried to distribute all the food.

To distribute something means to give it to many people.  Note the following:

  1. The government wants to distribute income more equally.
  2. The teacher distributed pencils before the test.



There were not many volunteers.

When we volunteer that means we work to help people for no money.  Note the following:

  1. The house was built by volunteers.
  2. My friends are volunteers at the local animal clinic.



They are afraid of the aftershocks.

Sometimes the ground continues to shake after an earthquake.  What we feel are aftershocks.  Note the following:

  1. There were several aftershocks after the earthquake.
  2. The buildings were further damaged by the aftershocks.



We went there to provide as much as we could.

When we provide something that means that we give someone what they need.  Note the following:

  1. All employees are provided with healthcare.
  2. Students are not provided with a computer. They must buy one.

Vocabulary Quiz

allowed • distribute • volunteer
 aftershocks • provide
  1. The building survived the earthquake, but fell because of the .
  2. We need to these advertisements to everyone who enters the store.
  3. Were you to watch horror movies when you were a child?
  4. She worked as a in Haiti last summer.
  5. My parents me with food and a place to live.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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