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Relief Work

Tarta talks about responding to the 2006 Tsunami and how people worked together.

Todd: So, I am here with Tarta and we are talking about the "tsunami" in Thailand and she helped people after the event. Can you talk about what it was like the few days after the "tsunami" hit?

Tarta: Yes, right away from like from the "tsunami" hit, I went on the 28th, so two days after "tsunami" hit, so everything is like damaged and, you know all waters are all over the place. There's car on top of the buildings too, like the second floor of the buildings and rotten bodies like everywhere ...

Todd: Wow, dead bodies.

Tarta: Dead bodies like really everywhere, and because that time there were not many volunteers yet ... so if we just walk through the place that we just want to find a live person to give a food or to help but then we just hit by the dead body, like without knowing because it is a huge body and you can't recognize who is that person because, you know, all the faces are just getting, I just don't want to say it but ... but it really was ...

Todd: And you actually helped?

Tarta: I helped because I was there so early for two days and then I helped to the volunteer who helped to picking up the dead body so I ... whenever I find a dead body so I called the person and then we helped to pick up the dead body into the pick-up car and then send it to the temple. To ... for, what do you call the ...

Todd: The identification?

Tarta: Yeah, identification at the temple. So, because they have some base over there and carry on for almost a week so there are probably, like, 50 organizations who come and help us.

Todd: So after this horrific event happened, how did it change you? Like, did it give you a different perspective about life or about nature or ... anything?

Tarta: Yeah, I do agree. I think, I mean, nature always have a, what do you call, always fair you know? If you do ... everything have cause and effect. So if you do something it is going to give you a return in somehow, in someway, like whenever it's going to happen. So, I believe in "karma" too, so I think it's a good example that what humans do to the nature and nature give you back.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson

pick up


We helped pick up all the damage.

When you pick up something, you collect it and move it to another place. Notice the following:

  1. She helped me pick up all the broken glass from the floor.
  2. Please pick up all your trash before you leave.

pick-up (truck)


We put the supplies into the pick-up.

A pick-up is a small truck with an open cargo area in the back.  Notice the following:

  1. He drives an old pick-up truck.
  2. I traded my car for pick-up.

carry on


They carried on for almost a week.

The phrase 'carry on' is similar in meaning to 'continue'.  Notice the following:

  1. I am sorry to interrupt. Please carry on.
  2. After the teacher told them to be quiet, they carried on talking in class.



After this horrific event happened, how did it change you?

The word horrific means very, very bad.  Notice the following:

  1. My test score was horrific.
  2. We have been having the most horrorific weather.

cause and effect


Everything have cause and effect.

Here, cause is an action and effect is the result.  Notice the following:

  1. If you eat fast food every day, you will gain weight. It is simple cause and effect.
  2. If you plant a seed, give it water and put it in sunlight, it will grow. It is cause and effect.

Vocabulary Quiz

pick up • pick-up • carry on
 horrific • cause and effect
  1. If you don't stop her she will just talking all day.
  2. He always bring his dog with in the back of his .
  3. It was one of the most experiences of my life.
  4. If you don't study you won't get good grades.  It's .
  5. Please your dirty clothes.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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