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Food for Good Skin

Mike and MJ discuss what foods people should consume to produce heathy skin.

Mike: Hey, MJ, I heard that herbal tea is good for your complexion?

MJ: Yes, I think so, cause recently I'm drinking lots of herbal tea, and then face getting more white and smooth I think. It really helps on your complexion. Mike, you should try sometime.

Mike: Actually, for me it's the opposite. My skin's pretty dry right now, especially since summer is coming, and so I've been using some kind of moisturizer but it doesn't really work that well so maybe I should take up the ... I should start drinking herbal tea.

MJ: Yeah, you should cause, a long time ago my face was kind of dry like you, but after drinking herbal tea, which my roommate recommended to me, and you really help your skin to be more bright and energetic. My skin no more dry. It's really good.

Mike: Other than tea, what about food?

MJ: I think garlic is really good for your complexion.

Mike: Oh, I heard about that as well.

MJ: Yeah, most Korean girls, they have such good skin, especially on their face, I think because they're eating kimchi which the main ingredient is garlic.

Mike: Right, that's a big problem for me because I don't like garlic. I don't mind it if it's fried with vegetables, but I don't like the raw taste of garlic. Garlic's out for me, so are there any other stuff I can try?

MJ: You know tomato? It is low calorie and it is a vegetable which tastes like fruit but is a vegetable that is really good for your complexion as well so if you like tomato, just try to take as many tomato as you can.

Mike: Fresh tomato?

MJ: Fresh tomato.

Mike: What about like tomato based stuff like pasta? Is that OK or is that no?

MJ: That is OK but when you cook the tomato, there are vitamins just goes away, so the fresh one is better.

Mike: Fresh stuff. OK. OK, I got that.

MJ: By the way, what about Singapore? Like do girls eat special food for their skin?

Mike: Good question. I don't know that much, but there's always this thing about eating tofu and for my dad, he doesn't even cook it. He eats it like ... he just eats tofu without cooking it. And my dad has great complexion. My mom, she drinks a combination of Bali Green. It's just a green substance from the bali plant, and she basically blends them together with garlic and one other fruit, and a little bit of honey and apple cider, so it's just a few ingredients together and then she mixes it with juice and she drinks it like every morning, but I've tried it but I don't like raw garlic so I couldn't stomach that, but my mom's complexion is good, but these are not only good for your complexion, this is just good for overall health.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



It helps your complexion.

Someone's complexion is the natural color or appearance of their skin. Often, the term 'complexion' mainly refers to the appearance of one's skin on the face. Notice the following:

  1. Acne can give people a poor complexion but it is not permanent.
  2. She has a beautiful complexion. Her skin in beautiful.

main ingredient


It's the main ingredient in kimchi.

The main ingredient is the ingredient that gives something it's identifiable taste. It does not always means it is the ingredient largest in portion size. Sometimes there is more than one main ingredient. Notice the following:

  1. The main ingredient in pizza is cheese.
  2. The main ingredient in ice-cream is milk.

raw taste


I don't like the raw taste of garlic.

The raw taste of a food is how a food tastes with no preparation or cooking. The raw taste of something is the natural taste of the food. Notice the following:

  1. I love the raw taste of carrots, but I hate the taste of cooked carrots.



It's just a green substance.

A substance is a type of material, such as dirt, powder, liquid, etc that is uniform in matter. We often use the word substance when we talk about something that we do not specifically mention. Notice the following:

  1. There was a powdery substance on the cake.
  2. There is some substance sticking to the table.

out for me


Garlic's out for me.

When the speaker says 'garlic's out for me', the speaker means garlic is not an option. If someone says something is 'out for' them that means it is not an option or choice. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. I have no money, so going shopping is out for me.
  2. I am a vegetarian so most fast food is out for me.

couldn't stomach


I couldn't stomach that.

When you can't stomach something, that means you can't eat it without feeling sick. You can also use it to mean you would feel very uncomfortable about something, such as a situation. Notice the following:

  1. I couldn't stomach eating raw eggs for breakfast.
  2. He couldn't stomach seeing his ex-wife with another man.

Vocabulary Quiz

complexion • ingredient • raw taste
out for • substance
  1. Tuesday is me. Can we do it on Wednesday?
  2. I hate the of tomatoes.
  3. Alcohol is an illegal in some countries.
  4. My favorite in pizza is the sauce.
  5. She has a beautiful .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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