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The Real World

Katia talks about making the transition from college to the working world.

Todd: So, Katia, you were talking about how you had an internship and you actually made the transition from university to the working world and internship and now you've actually gone back to the university world. What struck you as the biggest difference having to go to the real world, the working world from university?

Katia: Well the biggest difference and something that I felt right away was the responsibility that you have when you're working for somebody else. When you're a student you're really, you're only responsible for yourself and making the deadlines and doing the work but other than that nobody else is dependent on you and when you are working there are people depending on you so the responsibility part was the biggest difference.

Todd: In terms of having to do work, where there any different skill sets that you found that you really needed in the working world that you didn't get at university?

Katia: I think when you're a student in the university, you see so many theoretical work that you really do not know how that can be used in real life. When you go to work and you start doing things, you get to understand a little bit more why you're doing what you're doing and it's not so much theoretical.

Todd: Was there anything that you thought you maybe lacked that you wish you had prepared yourself more at university, for example computer skills or writing skills or anything like that?

Katia: I think presenting skills. Presenting skills and also technical words that I needed, like I wasn't prepared for that.

Todd:Can you give an example of some technical words?

Katia: For example, well I learned technical words in English for example like jurisdiction but I didn't know how to say it that in Spanish even though that's my native language but it is a technical word so that conversion I wasn't ready for that but eventually it was and everything came out all right.

Todd: Yes, so I guess one big change is in university, you might have mistakes when you write but you maybe don't worry about that so much but in the professional world it has to be perfect, right?

Katia: You really don't want to make mistakes because that can, that will lead to less trust from you so really having mistakes is not, it reflects how much you can do or cannot do.

Todd: Right. And so now you're actually back. You're back in a graduate degree so you've come back to the university. Which world do you prefer?

Katia: I prefer the working world. I like being a student of course and it's quite relaxing and it's very nice because all you do is learn and do work and meet deadlines but I think I preferred the working world when you really have the real responsibility, you really know how things work but of course I'm enjoying my student life as well.

Todd: So for students that are just finishing school or will finish school soon, they often have a lot of anxiety and worry about, you know, how they will make it in the real world and will they survive in the real world. What advice or tips would you give them?

Katia: I don't think they should worry that much and really enjoy the experience of the transition. Nothing bad will happen regardless so there's really no reason, it doesn't help to worry so just really the only suggestion I would give is just try your best and try to find the things that you really want to do.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

depend on


When you are working there are people depending on you.

If someone 'depends on you,' he needs you for some reason.  Notice the following:

  1. Everyone is depending on me to be there.
  2. Did you still depend on your parents a lot in university?

come out all right


Everything came out all right.

When something 'comes out all right,' it means that it works out or ends in a positive way. Notice the following:

  1. The dough looked a little funny, but the cookies came out all right.
  2. The party started out as a complete disaster, but everything came out all right in the end.

meet a deadline


All you do is learn and do work and meet deadlines

If you 'meet a deadline,' you complete your work by a designated time or day. Notice the following:

  1. Our boss is always checking in just to make sure we'll meet our deadlines.
  2. It gets very stressful around here at the end of the month, but we always meet our deadlines.



They often have a lot of anxiety and worry.

When you have 'anxiety' you feel nervous about something. Notice the following:

  1. Appointments with doctor can create some anxiety.
  2. She has a lot of anxiety about flying.

make it in the real world


They will make it in the real world and will they survive in the real world.

If you 'make it in the real world,' you are capable and successful in real life. Notice the following:

  1. She did very well in school, so nobody thought she'd have a problem making it in the new world.
  2. With an attitude like that you will never make it in the real world.

Vocabulary Quiz

depends • comes out • deadline
anxiety • make it
  1. You seem to have a lot of about your test tomorrow.
  2. I have been working on this paper all week, but still don't know if I will meet the tomorrow.
  3. She is a very hard worker and will certainly in the real world.
  4. We did the best that we could. Let's hope everything all right.
  5. He always on his girlfriends for almost everything.
Answer the following questions about the interview.


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