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Character Changes

Maria talks about what she would consider changing about her personality.

Alex: What about your personality or your characteristics?

Maria: I would like to be more studious for school because I am not that much of a stay-at-home-all-night-to-study person. I look at my textbook and I really try but then I realize I could be doing something else so I just go out and do something else and I don't do my homework and I don't fail because I am at least smart enough to pass but sometimes it's a struggle to get through. So yes, I would like to be more studious and more maybe hesitant in my answers because I talk before I think at some point sometimes. I do like my open personality though, like being for example when we went out partying yesterday, I was talking to everybody which was very nice and people seemed to like that open-attitude and as long as you're not being open and arrogant because I try not to.

Alex: Yeah.

Maria: If you're being open because you're interested in the person you're talking to then you get more positive responses so I do like that.

Alex: But being so open has caused you problems as well. I remember that guy thought that you liked him because you were so nice to him.

Maria: That wasn't supposed to happen. I can't help it. There was a guy in my school, I don't know the guy, he's probably in his forties, who went over and talked to me and it was just impossible for me to say go away so I ended up giving him my phone number and now he calls me every night at half past twelve on my phone which is very loud and very annoying.

Alex: Every night?

Maria: When I pick up, well he stopped now because I don't pick up any more, but in the beginning he just, I pick up the phone and he said hi and then I said what do you want and then he said nothing much but how are you, like really he didn't even want anything. He just wanted to talk to me and yeah that kind of problem happens more than often because I can't help it.

Alex: What would you like to change about your status like a new house, a job, a boyfriend, anything like that?

Maria: I would not mind finding a nice guy. I would not at all. I don't know about the specifics and I'm not even sure I can handle a relationship right now, maybe I just want to meet somebody to try and work it out with but that's probably not the most important thing because I love where I live, I love my study, I don't have a job and that's really nice. I do have, I've saved up money before traveling so I do have a lot of money right now so I don't need to work and it's nice.

Alex: At the moment?

Maria: At the moment.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



I would like to be more studious for school.

If you are 'studious,' you are very serious about your studies. Notice the following:

  1. Both of his sisters are very studious, but he has never liked school.
  2. She has always been a fast learner and very studious.

a struggle to get through


It's a struggle to get through.

You 'struggle to get through' something when it is difficult for you. Notice the following:

  1. The end of that book is a real struggle to get through.
  2. People say that the last five miles of a marathon are a struggle to get through.



People seemed to like an open-attitude.

When you have an 'open-attitude,' you are approachable to people and they feel comfortable around you. Notice the following:

  1. He makes you feel comfortable right away because of his open-attitude.
  2. One of the reasons that she is a good employee is her open-attitude.

to be open


Being so open has caused you problems.

You are 'open' with others when you are willing to talk to them about your life and maybe your problems.  We can also use this to mean friendly. Notice the following:

  1. It's important to try to be open when you are meeting new people.
  2. She is a really open person, so she has many friends.

pick up


I pick up the phone and he said hi.

To 'pick up' the phone means to answer it. Notice the following:

  1. He usually picks up his phone after two rings.
  2. Can you please pick up the phone? I don't like the sound of it ringing.


Answer the following questions about the interview.


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